brief post – Day414

Trying to keep this short because I had nothing to say. I had a lot of ideas whenever I run, but afterward, especially the next day they vanish.

I had done several long runs from work to home since I last posted about it. They are not super long, but 16-19 mile run is just long enough to kill you, in that you can’t do it every day. I done it about 4-5 times, about twice a week. And I started to dread running home from my workplace.

It is fun whenever I do it, but dreading it at the same time. It takes about a little over 3 hours and on a slow day 4 hours. I usually get home before 10. Lately I have been watching the sun sets as I run.

The aftermath is exhaustion, knee pain, and shin pain, and muscle pain. I know I am over doing it when too many kinds of pain involved. Recovery for the next couple days usually is slow, meaning little to no running. My first run afterward would be horrible.

Lately I have been getting a mixed bag of good and bad runs. Good runs are ones when you feel the body and world mesh together and you have the flow and the run is effortless. Bad runs, is not even a run. Every step is heavy and no matter what you do, you are not in gear. Either the breathing is not right, the step is not in sync, and the strides are just weird. It is like you don’t know how to run any more. Probably more on this in another post. But lately I have been having a lot of bad runs after the 100 miler. It is like I have to relearn how to run or “walk” but my feet are not cooperating.

Got to go now. I wanted to share many other things like, on one of my runs home from work, I lost my wallet, and how later I got it back again, except that I canceled all my cards and I was kind of living a week without having access to my bank or credit. The wallet was returned full of cash (mine). But I spent like only $45 for the week and mostly on gas (petrol), which took a whole chunk of it. My heart bled. Because I felt I need to save the money, that is all I got. I now got all the cards replaced and I’m good again. We depend so much on credit and electronic payment.

Also, why I spent so much time on twitch – because streamers build rapport with their viewers. When I watch them, I felt like they are my friends even though ya they have hundreds if not thousands of viewers. I had too much social media. My brain is noodled.

of course, lastly the shootings. our nation is going through crazy stuffs. We got to ask is it even normal? Mass shooting happens so frequently, I don’t even know how to react. Mourn, yes. As as an Asian, have experienced hates, no, not any where near as what posted on the media. Not saying they don’t exist, but that I was glad it has not happened to me. I haven’t been bothered on my runs here and I felt safe even when I was in Atlanta or Houston.

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  1. You probably could do with a rest from running, you probably still haven’t recovered from the 100 miles?

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  2. Antin, it sounds like you’re suffering from burnout on a lot of levels. Your brain, your heart, and definitely your legs. It’s ok to take a break especially from running. Did you know it can take up to several weeks for muscles to recover from a marathon distance? So think about what you put them through with quadruple that!

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