50 joyful things

There are more than 50… We should be thankful for life and the air we breath.

1. Sneakers / running shoes and my hiking boots. I like looking at them and even smelling them (the new ones)

2. Mountains and trails to hike, especially the Shenandoah NP. Love being outdoors

3. Races to run, big and small. I’m especially happy to run in the local PR (Potomac River Running) sponsored races

4. Friends, especially the one who led me on my very first outdoor adventure – Katrina

5. Running friends. Club runs. Couple familiar faces I run with in local races or who train together on our club runs

6. Sport watches! Did I PR? I don’t use it that much now but it is still invaluable piece of equipment. I love gadgets

7. Driving a Truck. I have one. Previously had a Ford F150 and am hoping maybe some day a Toyota Tundra. It is a pleasure to drive my gas guzzling truck! I love driving to places except for paying for gas

8. Tent/tarp/hammock – same idea. I love camping outside than sleeping in my room. The coolness of the night and hearing the birds and animals scratching around in the middle of the night and waking up early in the morning. Couple times, I camped without using a tent.

9. Excel/Google Sheet: Tool for my work and race management, everything. I like calculating, forecasting and crunching numbers

10. Snow: I think of my friend when I see snow, who has such a joy and excitement about it

11. Phone: same idea, my day-to-day indispensable tool for everything. I now use it in lieu of a computer

12. A quiet night run. I haven’t enjoyed my long runs as much so I won’t put on it, but a 10-13 miles run is such a joy to do. I’m not a morning person, but night run is my thing.

13. Music on YouTube. Only place I listen to music. YouTube seems to know what I like and queues them up

14. biking – don’t do enough of, but the couple ones I did were a lot of fun

15. Kayak/SUP – like biking, couldn’t do enough of it. It is a fascinate sport. It is like combining running and biking together

16. Kindle – Still amazed how I can carry all I want to read on that thing

17. Water filter – camping, to able to drink pure water from the creek amazes me

18. Church worship with Lord communion – to able to see all my best friends there on Sunday and seeing joy in their eyes as we partake communion

19. Runner Bib – Bib Pickup means I am running in a race! The excitement could keep me up all night, holding onto it

20. Race report – same idea, writing about a race just did or reading about other people races

21. Sleep – sleep is sweet to those who can. I love to sleep but don’t always get enough

22. Night sky – on rare occasions to be able sitting at a fire ring and looking up in the sky and see stars as if they are right in front

23. Showering – nothing beat a hot shower after a cold run or race

24. Swimming pool – still don’t quite get a hang of the cold water (80 F) when getting in the pool

25. Riding the metro – usually means more sleep time

26. Being stuck in traffic – great alone time; been doing this every morning!

27. Crossing the finish line for a race or passing the aid station. Somehow, I have the joy seeing the finish line and I rush to it

28. Reading a good book

29. Camping out on rainy night, love the sound of rain drops falling on my tent. Storm is good too — hearing the wind blows. I said about it when I wrote about tent

30. Don’t like cold weather camping, but every time I go, it is a lot of fun

31. looking at my calendar. Looking at my next race dates

32. Trips, far or near

33. Putting on clean clothes after a run or hike

34. Hot pot lunch, not doing enough

35. Receiving good news or text message from a friend that started/ended with the word “dope”

36. Welcome by a dog; being licked on the face by one

37. Looking at pictures

38. Receiving a paycheck

39. Having an increase in my retirement account

40. Being together with cousins and family

41. When my plan succeeds

42. Listening to a great sermon or speech and being motivated to run afterward

43. Having a good workout – to be completely worn out

44. In a cool house on a hot day

45. Manga – same as reading a good story

46. Cross off a bucket list item

46. A prayer being answered

47. Seeing a good friend, same idea of doing something together with a friend

48. Shopping new camping gear, clothes, or computer. I’m a pure geek, I’m like Tim the toolman in Home Improvement

49. Being helpful to someone

50. Taking a walk around the block, meditate

51. Keeping a journal

52. Clear sky and cold weather

53. seeing leaves change color