Bucket list

A lot of these have to do with running. Sorry. Bear with me.

-Run Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) of the Grand Canyon, 2022/23? So cool to see people who did this. Even hiking on the Angel Bright trail was amazing enough but to run all the way across and then back within one day is just mind blowing.

-run a marathon on my wedding day and run in 7 continents in 7 days for honeymoon, 23/24? This might be a joke, because it nearly impossible to find a woman, plus telling her that we will run on our wedding and we will run some more after the wedding Doing the 7-continent thing is really one of my biggest dream. So is running marathons…so combining my passion with one I love the most, well it is out of this world experience!

-marriage proposal at Namsan Tower or take a date to Namsan Tower. Another joke. Combining my passion for traveling and seeing the world. Namsan Tower is the highest point in Seoul. It is a place people propose.

-run a race in Asia, like Hong Kong or HCMC, 23 Definitely a must do. Been a dream of mine because that is my heritage. So to be able to run a marathon there, also will be an unforgetable experience.

-Visit India (my friend David’s country). To run a marathon there if possible. India is a place to visit, having the world biggest population. And of course it has to be a race.

-Buy a kayak or a SUP, 23? Generic wish. Kayaking is a lot of fun. I had this goal at a time I can’t afford a kayak.

-Run in snowshoes, 21/22. Kind of awesome thing to do. I was training in the winter where the trail was covered with snow and I said wouldn’t it be great if there are shoes made for running in the snow. A little googling, there’s such a thing. I wish to try at least once in my life to run with snow shoes.

-Trip to Glacier, in Montana, Banff and Jasper in Alberta, 23/24. People say it is very pretty! I wish to get to see it

-Jackson Hole, WY, grand Teton – run a marathon, 23/24. Grand Teton, I have heard of it since my high school English teacher mentioned it. I hold it in high regard. Definitely a must see/visit at least once in my life. Yes I wish to able to do some mountaineering.

breaking the 4 hours on my marathon, 23/24. One of very first goal when I started running marathons. Do wish to reach it.

-breaking 3 hour, 25/26. Along with breaking 4, breaking 3 is natural progression (for it is the time limit to be qualify for Boston Marathon for my age group).

One Day Hike by Sierra Club. 100k. First weekend of May (race starts at 3AM) 21 hours to finish. 22/23 Long distance races fastinate me. While this is not a race, but this is one of the very first event I know about in our area. It is no problem now for me to do 100k, but at the time when I created this bucket list, I was not sure if I have the ability to do it. I was attracted by the challenge.

-go to a Redskins game at the FedEx Field. Almost seem out of reach for me. I love watching football, and would like to be able to go to a live game.

Great Falls, Montana – stop by the town and get my passport stamped, 22/23.

-Do the Great Range Traverse (NY), Presidential Traverse (NH), and Hut-to-hut White Mnt, (NJ) 24/25 Yes the challenge and beauty.

-plan and do an Amazing Race around the world (travel) 26/30. I like the TV series, but also want to travel the world like that. This may be possible for I know someone is planning to put together something like this.

-feed the tortoises and draw pictures of finches on Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. Path of Darwin, 24/25. Darwin is kind of my hero. So to able to go to this island, would be like a pilgrimage.

-Amazon rainforest and visit an indigenous tribe (end of the spear), 24/25. Ecuador/Brazil.

-visit Alaska…Denali NP. Kayak camping trip and do an Eskimo roll, 24/25. My friend told me about his summer trip there and I had that wild desire to do the same.

-watch/attend the Iditarod Trail dogsled, 24/25. Wildness of Alsaka. If I visit Alaska, I want to immerse in the culture. This dogsled race has been my childhood’s dream (because my mom brought me a book about the race when I was in 4th grade). Recently I learned there is also a Iditarod bike race of 1000 miles through the snow and is one of the toughest race on earth.

-go to an Olympic game either winter/summer (would love to watch a track and field event though), 24/25. Definitely got to see an Olympic event once in a lifetime. And it would be a bonus if it is a track/field event. Oh if it is a marathon/half marathon would be a win.

-watch a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral, 24/25. Just my fastination with rockets. Also another childhood dream.

stargazing in the Death Valley (also walk/run through the Valley of Shadow and Death), 24/25. Another my passion to be extreme as well love for astronomy. I might do the Bad water 140 race there.

-safari in Tanzania / touch the snow of Kilimanjaro (2019) – have to read the novel first!, 24/25. Just something weird and unreachable. Maybe like the novel.

-road trip across the US, – doing Oregon Trail, 25/26. Challenge and history of walking the Oregon trail. very similar to walk across the Continent.

ride a motocycle (doing road trip) across Ireland, 27/28. Two part. One ride a motocycle. Second is to visit Ireland.

climb Mt Everest (base camp) (2023), 27/28. Kind of impossible. Yet keep hope alive.

-eat tangerines on Jeju Island, 27/28.

-watch summer soltice at the feather snake pyramid at Chichen Itza. Cancun Trip. Visit Teotihuacan, 25/26. This would be the coolest thing to do.

-stargazing at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, and see some Pueblo ancient sites., 27/28. Read about this in 4th grade and would like to see first hand evidence of ancient civilization.

fossil Mt Stephen, 27/28. Definitely worth visiting. One of the place having a lot of fossils.

-do a Ragnar with coworkers or friends. Been a dream to able to run a ragnar. I think would be an unforgetable experience.

-watch a Formula (Grand Prix?) in Macau, 28/29. You play video games where car racing is done in the city street. To able to watch this in person is just crazy.

-visit Vietnam / biking trip into Thailand, 28/29. People are telling about eco travel. Seems very interesting to explore the country on a bike.

-hike and see myself glow in the dark at (Trinity site, april 1), Jornada del Muerto desert, NM (they open just one day a year) / no one wants to go there with me for fear of not able to have children afterward., 28/29. Yup, historical significant.

-run in all fifty states in the US., 35/36. A big goal.

run from coast to coast in the US, 35/36. Impossible goal, but keeping this dream alive

-Do a Thru Hike on the Appalachian Trail, 35/36. A very big dream.

-run around the world. Do the 7-day-7 continents trip ($40-50k), 36-40. Could definitely be done except a lot of money.

-take the polar express or take the polar plunge, 35/36. Probably won’t do it. But so cool to see people jump into freezing water.

-watch sunset together on Old Rag Mnt with my best friend, 35/36.

-swim across the Bay from Alcatraz, escape from Alcatraz, 35/36. Kind of cool.


-Ascending Stone Mnt in Atlanta (2020)

-trekking in Patagonia/Chile (2019)

-hike the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu/Peru (2018)

-hike the Grand Canyon / Havasupai falls (2017)

-run a Marathon (2017)