Race schedule

Goal: Run in all fifty states (43 are left)

Here are next few races I have in mind for this year and the next. Letting the world peek into my race calendar.

This page gets updated if a race is canceled or I don’t want to run, or if I did it. See the race history for my past races


no goal: either OK or WI

(May 15-16) (reg’d) River Rumble 10K and Bust the Bank Half Marathon! (Richmond VA Power River Rock)

(Jun 4-6) (signed up/conf?)1st Weekend. sweeping from mile 35-50. As7-AS10. Worlds End, PA. Need confirm from Race Org.

(Jun 11-13) 2nd weekend (reg’d&confirmed) Laurel Highlands 70.5 miles Ultra. Goal race! fingers-crossed. (ask for Friday off)

(Jul 10) (reg’d) Catoctin Ultra (50k). reg opens in Feb to Jun 1. Hot race to run.

July xx: (conflict with Catoctin) Camp Anderson. Endurance run

July 4 -Sep 5. (considering) Atlanta 100 (GSER) mile race (virtual – likely will defer). Strongly desire to run this. Likely in Sept than in July or Aug.

Sep 4: (considering) Iron Mountain Trail Run. 50 Mi. Likely will take place

Sep 11 (considering) 6, 12, 24-hr Lake Ridge Endurance run. depends if either Iron Mnt or Lake Ridge

(Sep 18)(reg’d) Rock N the Knob (26.2) marathon

(Sep 25) (conflict with Eau Claire) Pemberton 24x5K, Friday 7:00 pm – Sat 7:00pm. Reg open on April 28.

(Sep 26) (reg’d) Eau Claire Marathon, need hotel & car rental, flying into MSP

(Oct 9) (considering) High bridge Ultra 50k, VA

(Nov 5) (reg’d) Rim to River 100, WV. Big race

(Nov 13) (considering, conflict with Richmond Marathon) Stone Mill 50. Pls don’t sign up, won’t be recovered enough after 100 mi. might volunteer.

(Nov 21) – (not likely) JFK 50 miler. just kind-a considering. Expensive compare to Stone Mill, but couple of my friends are thinking about it. (I might do crewing instead) Don’t sign up


Marathon Goal: one of – OK, ME, NY, NC, GA, TX, TN,

– (Dec/Jan) (doubtful) Holaday Lake?, VA

Feb. Rocky Raccoon 100

(Mar. 3) (Considering) One City Marathon, Newport News, Va (Feb/Mar). Check back in Sept.

(April 2) (Considering) Dogwood Ultra – 24 hrs. down in central VA

(April 2) (Considering) Salisbury Marathon, MD, sign up is open

(April 17) (considering) 2022 Blue Ridge Marathon, double marathon maybe

-(April) (considering) Atlanta Publix Marathon. hmm

-April. 100 mi NC. Umstead

(May 1) (considering) GSER 100K, in-person. Atlanta, been eyeing this since 2020.

May 23 – (considering) Highball to Thurmond – 50k/50M. (WV)

(May/Oct 4) (considering) Maine Marathon / University New England Marathon (Maine Coast). Portland, ME. to replace the canceled May Marathon

(Jun 4-6) (considering) 1st Weekend. 100k. Worlds End, PA. Should consider running it. very difficult. might defer to 2023

(Sep 5) (considering/not reg) Iron Mnt Ultra 50 – IMTR, labor day weekend. Don’t miss reg Jun 1. Likely will defer to 2022

(Sep 25) (considering for 2021) Yeti 100. Abingdon, VA. fast, flat, race around 9/25/20. Or wait for another year

(Oct 25) (deferred from 2020 & 2021) MCM 50K, again! 6 hr is course limit. Need to re-reg in April.

(Nov 13) (deferred from 2020) Richmond Marathon. ahhh, going to be intense to run this after a 100 Miler. might drop this.

(Nov 13) Stone Mill 50. would want to run this again

(Nov 22) (Considering) Philly Marathon

(Dec 4): Rocky 50, PA Fatass. http://www.rocky50k.com/. Always been considering, 1st of Dec

(Dec 4) (Considering) Devil Dog 100K/100MI, Triangle, VA. As such this or Yetti

~~Following year goal~~: SC, NC, OH, TN, or OK or TX

-(April) (considering) Promise Land 50k, Bedford, VA. Last weekend in April. Very interested!

-(April) (considering) CO Canal 100K/miler. It is a long shot.

(circa May 16) (considering) Quest for Crest, 50k. reg opens Nov 18, 2019, probably same time for 2020.

(Jun 13/20) (probably won’t) Eastern Divide Ultra. Pembroke, VA, conflicts with Highlands Sky. Plan C fallback-fallback option.

(Jun 20) (considering) Highlands Sky 40. Lanesville (dolly sods, WV). Fall back option. reg opens in Feb.

(Jun) (probably won’t) SF Dipsea race. America oldest trail race. believe reg open in Dec. Too far. Plan D.

(Oct 2-4) (not reg) Grindstone100, reg opens april 1. $300. 38 hrs cutoff. New Year 1 day holiday sale.

(Nov 21) (Considering) JFK 50 Miler. reg open Mar 1.

(Nov 21-22) (considering; possibly will defer again) Route 66 (Tulsa City) Marathon – Oklahoma (fall), might defer.


-Jan: (defer) Charleston, SC

-March: (defer) Myrtle Beach SC

-(Mar 20-22): (considering) Yeungling Shamrock Marathon, Virginia Beach, Va (March) (possibly 2020)

March: (defer) Atlanta Publix Marathon, GA

-(Apr 4): (considering) Salisbury Marathon (MD), first week in April

June: (possibly) Bay of Fundy, Maine

-Sep: (defering) Air force, Ohio

-Oct: (considering) Mt Desert, Bar Harbor, Maine

future races:

-(defering) Detroit Marathon, MI, or Niagara Falls Marathon, NY.

-Hawaii Maui Marathon (Dec) (will save it till last)

-the big ones, LA, NY, Chi marathons
Buffalo Marathon (Jun?). Chance to go to Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Intl Marathon, (OCT) It takes place at Niagara Falls, and will cross over to Canada


Hong Kong Marathon (Feb 2022)
Sydney Marathon (Sept)
Inca trail (June/July) (2021/2022)
Santiago Marathon (April – Easter Sunday)

Patagonia Ultra (50K). Oct/Nov

Tata Mumbai Marathon on 20th January 2019
Vietnam HCMC Marathon (Jan 10)
Belfast Marathon (May 5, 2019)/ –Causeway Coast Marathon (Sept) (Ireland)
Dublin Marathon (Oct 27, 2019)


C&O Canal 100 miler: last weekend in April. (2021)

-Blackbeard revenge 100mi/ 100k. (March) (Outer banks, NC) Really want to do

-Yetti 100. Or VA Big Butt ultra

-Highland Sky Ultra (WV) – June. Dolly Sods!

-R2R2R (rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon) (October). Need 1 year booking in advance

(Dec 7) (Sat. – considering) Rocky Fat Ass. Phillies, PA. free event. no medal, no support. fun.