Race history

My philosophy or current approach to races (overview) as of 2021 is to run as many races as I could. It is a broad overview. I tried to keep the big races here, as for smaller races, they are kept somewhere on the internet. Some sites if you are a runner, you know to look at MarathonManiacs, RunSignup, UltraSignup or Athlinks. These sites are still around as of writing. My other achievements can be seen here. Yes, I toot my own horn. Further, if wondering about my ongoing plan and schedule, it can be found here (current plan). Other than my own calendar on my phone, the schedule on here is the second best source of info of what I am up to.


CRAW – Sep 2020-Dec 2022. running around the world virtually. I might do it in real life one day. It is like Ragnar, but 10-person 12 stage relay. Completed R1 (Oct’20), R2 (Dec’20), R3 (Mar’21), R4 (May’21), R5 (Jul ’21), R6 (Sep’21), R7 (Nov’21), R8 (Jan’22), R9 (Apr’22), R10 (*), R11, and R12

GVRAT #3 – Virtual race across Tennessee

38. Grandmas Marathon. (June 18)(report)

37. Bishop’s EOD Half (June 12) (report)

36. RVA River Rock, festival. Bust the Banks Half marathon 5/21/22 (no report)

35. MMT 2022 / DNF at mile 95. May 14 (report)

34. Adventure Trail Race. 8 hour night. (report)

33. Salisbury Marathon. (report)

32. Newport News One City Marathon. March 6, 2022. (report)

MMT Training runs. report: WTF50/TR1 (canceled), TR2, TR3, TR4, BRR1, BRR2, BRR3 (didn’t go), BRR4 (BROT)

=2021= (plan)

31. Devil Dog 100K. Dec 4. VA (report)

30. Stone Mill. November 13. MD. 50 mile. (report)

29. Rim To River 100. Oak Hill, WV, 11/6. 31:21:00 (report)

28. High Bridge Ultra. Pamplin, VA, 10/9, 6:29:34 (report)

27. Eau Claire Marathon. Eau Claire, WI, 9/27 4:20:27 (report)

26. Rock N the Knob Trail Marathon. 8:25:00, Claysburg, PA, 9/18 (report)

25. Lake Ridge Endurance run. I ran the 12 hr special (6pm-6am), Lake Claytor, Dublin, VA, 9/11 (report)

24. Iron Mountain (IMTR) 40 miler. Damascus, VA, 9/4, ~ 9:40:00 (report)

23. Moonlight on the Falls Marathon, Blackwater Falls State Park, WV. 8/28, 5:15:29 (report)

22. ACE adventure Resort New River ‘Gorge’ous Half Marathon. Oak Hill, WV. 8/21, 2:46:48 (report)

21. IMTR training run #1. Skull Gap, VA, 7/31, 24-mile run in 6 hours (slow)

20. Catoctin 50K-Half (25K). MD, 7/10, Too easy (report)

19. Laurel Highlands 70M. 21:46, Seward, PA, 6/12, (report)

18. Grayson Highlands 50M. Mouth of Wilson, VA, 5/1, 12:30 (course probably was short 45-ish)(report)

17. Seneca Creek Greenway 50K, Gaithersburg, MD, 3/13 (report) 7:14

16. Raccoon 100, Huntsville, TX, 2/6 (report). 1st 100. 28:31


15. Devil Dog Lite 50K (Corona ed), Dale City, VA, Dec 5 (report) 7:22

14. Stone Mill 50M, Montgomery, MD, Nov 14 (report) 12:37

13. Gettysburg Marathon – PA. Oct 17. (report), 4:24

12. Rock N Knob – Half Marathon, Clayston, PA. Sept 12. 3:42 (report)

11. Camp Anderson (6 hr) Endurance Run, Eagle, PA. July 25, 2020

20. GVRAT (1000K virtual race across Tennessee) May 1st to August 31. I might do it in real life one day.

19. Bunch of virtual runs done over summer

18. Seneca Creek 50K, MD, – March 7, 2020 – report, 6:30

17. Carlsbad Marathon, CA (Tri-City Medical Center) – Jan 19, 2020, report, 4:54


16. JFK 50 Miler, MD – Nov 23, 2019, Nov, report

15. Old Glory Ultra 50K, VA, Nov, report

14. Marine Corps 50K, VA, Oct, report

13. Morgantown Marathon, WV, Sep, report

12. Baltimore Marathon, MD, Oct, report

11. Jack and Jill Downhill Marathon (Seattle), WA, August, report

10. Eastern Divide Ultra 50k, VA, June, report

9. York Marathon, PA, May, report

8. Blue Ridge Marathon, VA, April, report


7. Seashore 50k (First Landing), VA, Dec, report

6. NCR trail Marathon, MD, Nov, report

5. Richmond Dominion River Rock – Bust the Bank. Half Marathon (May). possibly was my first trail race!

4. Delaware Running Festival (Marathon), I think this is my Personal Best ever. DE, April


4. Marine Corps Marathon, VA – Oct

3. Charlottesville Marathon, VA – Apr 1

2. DC Rock-n-Roll Marathon, DC (first marathon) – Mar


1. Half marathon on C&O Canal, DC (Potomac River Mar, DC

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