Camping trips

Some of the more Recent Trips:


Smoky Montains 1 week, camping, and Backpack


Patagonia, Chile – many more

22. Wild Oak Trail (2019) – There was a race going on on Columbus Day weekend. Don’t lose your ear plugs.

21. Roan Mnt (Ervin-19E), NoBo. 50 miles of uphill climb. Wear hiking shoes if you want to save your toes.

20. Roaring Plain, WV (16 miles), difficult to find trails (Hidden Passage, Canyon Rim Trail and Tee Pee trail)

19. Laurel Highlands, PA (mile 70-mile 30) / a stop at Gallitzin State Forest

18. Torry Ridge/Mill creek, VA – most beautiful hike for sleeping on the ridge with wind blowing

17. Duncan Knob, VA – (Camp Roosevelt, CCC). I hanged a bearbag (PCT style), kind of. Hot coco.

16. Half Moon Mnt, WV – 10+ minutes to escape from the tent is too slow


15. Cole/Cold Mnt & Mt Pleasant, Va – apples are not high caloric meal

14. Canaan Valley, Wv – it can get very cold at night

13. Bruce Knob, Wv – how to do water crossing

12. TwOT, the Wild Oaks Trail, Va – first bp, someone needs to teach me how to pack. I plan to run there

11. Three Ridges, Va – how to build fire

10. McAfee Knob, VA, Catabawa Valley – feet know where the trail is. This is part of the place people call the triple crowns. Dragon tooth, McAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs. I have been to two and would like to go back to see the Dragon tooth.

9. Mt Rogers, Va – why do I carry a bear canister

~~Fav Local day hikes~~

8. Ashby Hollow – “The Roller Coaster” of the AT

7. Mt Marshall – The Peak not the Mall

6. Buck Hollow – Mary’s Rock / Heavens Hill

5. Tuscarora TR – Overall Run – water every where. It could be 22-30 miles long

4. Signal Knob – good fishing spots but unremarkable otherwise

3. Kanebe Knob – same as Signal Knob but with campgrounds!

2. Kennedy Peak – another runable trail!

1. Little Devil Stair – love it. Take it Straight up

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