Camping trips

Some of the more Recent Trips:


Roaring Plain, WV (16 miles), difficult trails (Hidden Passage, Canyon Rim Trail and Tee Pee trail)

Laurel Highlands, PA (mile 70-mile 30) / a stop at Gallitzin State Forest

Torry Ridge, VA – most beautiful hike for sleeping on the ridge with wind blowing

Duncan Knob, VA – (Camp Roosevelt, CCC). I hanged a bearbag (PCT style), kind of. Hot coco.

Half Moon Mnt, WV – 10+ minutes to escape from the tent is too slow


Cole/Cold Mnt & Mt Pleasant, Va – apples are not high caloric meal

Canaan Valley, Wv – it can get very cold at night

Bruce Knob, Wv – how to do water crossing

TwOT, the Wild Oaks Trail, Va – first bp, someone needs to teach me how to pack. I plan to run there

Three Ridges, Va – how to build fire

McAfee Knob, VA, Catabawa Valley – feet know where the trail is. This is part of the place people call the triple crowns. Dragon tooth, McAfee Knob, and Tinker Cliffs. I have been to two and would like to go back to see the Dragon tooth.

Mt Rogers, Va – why do I carry a bear canister

~~Fav Local day hikes~~

Ashby Hollow – “The Roller Coaster” of the AT

Mt Marshall – The Peak not the Mall

Buck Hollow – Mary’s Rock / Heavens Hill

Tuscarora TR – Overall Run – water every where. It could be 22-30 miles long

Signal Knob – good fishing spots but unremarkable otherwise

Kanebe Knob

Kennedy Peak – another runable trail!

Little Devil Stair – love it. Take it Straight up