Reminder to self (to-dos):

~work on running a faster marathon (fast/slow pace) and eat healthier, since I want to PR on my marathon and get it under 4 hrs.

– planning for the Chattanooga run / TinCon (run across the US Continent)


The Real Bookmarks:

A couple things I want to jot down before they are being forgotten in the sea of forgetfulness. With blog format, once it published, things get roll under by the more recent posts. Here is a bookmark to posts that I don’t want to forget

My life goal, current goal, is to run, use my resoures to run fast, and to run in as many places as I could.

What I am doing: Resolution2019, Goal2020, Dream2020, Unicorns2021

-Racing schedule: Race2020, Race2021, current schedule,

reblog of other people’s posts: What God has for you – I reread it from time to time to remind myself to expect Miracles in life!

-why I blog.

Retirement planning, to think differently

GVRAT – 2020 was such a weird year. There will be a collection of posts for the virtual runs I did.

50 states Marathon progress (7) Aiming to run all 50.

2021: WV-Moonlight on the Falls, WI-EauClaire

2020: CA-Carlsbad, PA-Gettysburg,

2019: MD-Baltimore, VA-Roanoke19, WA-JackJill, WV-Morgantown,

2018: 1.DE-CapeHenlopen

other states (extras): DC-Abebe19,


RockyRaccoon-100 (TX 2021),


GraysonHighlands-50 (VA 2021), StoneMill50 (MD 2020), JFK-50M (MD 2019),


SenecaCreek-50k (MD 2021, 2020), DevilDog-50K (VA 2020)

EDU-50k (VA 2019), OldGlory-50k (VA/WV), MCM-50k (VA)

Seashore 50K (VA 2018)


Special reports:

hello world, second hello, third hello, -fourth hello (26 Oct 2021)

Seasonal reports:


2021: NewYear, Day400, Day450

2020: Day365, Day350, Day300, Day250,

2019: Day200, Day150, Day120, Day90,

2018: Day60, Day33