Reminder to self (to-dos):

~work on running a faster marathon (fast/slow pace) and eat healthier, since I want to PR on my marathon and get it under 4 hrs.

– planning for the Chattanooga run / TinCon (run across the US Continent)


The Real Bookmarks:

A couple things I want to jot down before they are being forgotten in the sea of forgetfulness. With blog format, once it published, things get roll under by the more recent posts. Here is a bookmark to posts that I don’t want to forget

My life goal, current goal, is to run, use my resoures to run fast, and to run in as many places as I could.

What I am currently doing (pretty much the same thing as ever). Here is my manifesto – NewYear Resolution2019, Goal2020, Dream2020, Unicorns2021

-Training ‘plan’ for the New Year: Race2020, Race2021, current schedule,

reblog of other people’s posts: what God has for you (just love this post from 2019). I reread it from time to time to remind to expect Miracles in life!

-why I blog. Kind of interesting write up about myself. Kind of tie to what I am struggling day-to-day to break out from the mundane to doing something meaningful in my life

Money: -retirement planning, some basic math and assumptions. Why you don’t have to be tied to your job. An eye opener for me when I think like that. I need to be reminded. I aspire to be like the thru-hikers who would quit their jobs to hike the Appalachian trails. Rearranging financial priorities to reach what is seemingly impossible

open question: what am I missing?


Race Reports (History): The plan is to move this section to another page as I run more races.

GVRAT – 2020 is such a weird year. There will be a collection of posts for the virtual runs I did.

50 states Marathon progress (7):

My goal is hit every states of the US. I do run any marathon I could get my hand on. track my progress here


2020: Carlsbad-CA, Gettysburg-PA,

2019: Baltimore-MD, Roanoke19-VA, JackJill-WA, Morgantown-WV,

2018: CapeHenlopen-DE

other states (extras): DC:Abebe19,


2021: RockyRaccoon-100 (TX)

2020: SenecaCreek-50k (MD), StoneMill50 (MD), DevilDog-50K (VA)

2019: JFK-50M (MD), EDU-50k (VA), OldGlory-50k (VA/WV), MCM-50k (VA)

2018: Seashore (VA)


Yearly report: Day365, Day730,

Year2020: Day396/397?.

first entry (26 Oct 2018) | –second year entry (26 Oct 2019) |-third year (26 Oct 2020) | -fourth year (26 Oct 2021)

Seasonal reports:

2021: Day400, Day450

2020: Day350, Day300, Day250,

2019: Day200, Day150, Day120, Day90,

2018: Day60, Day33