Reminder to self (to-dos):

~work on my running my speed (fast/slow pace) and eat healthier, since I want to PR on my marathon and get it under 4 hrs.

– planning for the Chattanooga run / TinCon (run across the US Continent)


The Real Bookmarks:

A couple things I want to jot down before they are being forgotten in the sea of forgetfulness

first entry (26 Oct 2018).

second year (26 Oct 2019)

-New Year Resolution2019, Goal2020, Dream2020,

-Training plan for the New Year, Race2020 (outdated), current schedule,

reblog from other people: what God has for you

-why I blog. Kind of interesting write up about myself.

-retirement planning, some basic math and assumptions. Why you don’t have to be tied to your job.

GVRAT – 2020 is such a weird year. There will be a collection of posts for the virtual runs I did.


Race Reports (History): The plan is to move this section to another page as I run more races.

50 states Marathon progress (6):

CA: Carlsbad20, MD:Baltimore19 , PA:York19, VA:Roanoke19, WA:JackJill19, WV:Morgantown19,

other states (extras): DC:Abebe19,


2020: Seneca Creek

2019: JFK-50M19 (MD), EDU-50k19 (VA), OldGlory-50k19 (VA/WV), MCM-50k19 (VA)

2018: Seashore (VA)


Yearly report: Day 365.

Seasonal reports:

2020: Day300, Day250,

2019: Day200, Day150, Day120, Day90,

2018: Day60, Day33