Reminder to self (to-dos):

~work on my running (fast/slow pace) and eat healthier

-flight for Boulder, 5/25/20

-flight and car for Maine port marathon

-book camp ground for Graysons highlands and Laurel Highlands


The Real Bookmarks:

A couple things I want to jot down before they are being forgotten in the sea of forgetfulness

first entry (26 Oct 2018).

second year (26 Oct 2019)

-New Year Resolution2019, Race2020, Plan2020,

-Training plan New Year

reblog from other people: what God has for you

Race Reports: DC:Abebe19, MD:Baltimore , PA:York, VA:Roanoke19, WA:JackJill, WV:Morgantown,

Ultras: JFK (MD), EDU (VA), OldGlory (VA), Seashore50 (VA),

Yearly report: Day 300/350.

Seasonal reports: Day 250, Day200, Day150, Day120, Day90, Day60, Day33