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  • Day496 Schedule

    It’s that time again, to pick what races will I be doing for next year. Scheduling is so hard. Since when I started running, I always wish I have an event coordinator because I hate making plans. I like planning (or having one), I just don’t like choices I need to make. I usually end […]

  • Day441 Eau Claire Marathon

    That was the Eighth marathon-state and 42 more states to go. If I count the Rocky Raccoon I ran in February in Texas, it would be the nineth. Rocky Raccoon was an ultra marathon, and it is not the same as a normal marathon. When I run a normal marathon I feel I am fast […]

  • Day390

    In the previous post, I was very sleepy while typing it up and I really had not finished my thoughts before falling asleep. Any way I meant to finish up the post. After couple days though, I forgot what I was going to write. There were some “insightful” thoughts while running the Devil Dog race. […]

  • traveling time

    Day 214 OK OK. I flew to Boston to pick up a milkshake and then finally got to San Diego. It was a lay-over because of the cheap ticket. I love Jet Blue. I have been flying American, United and Delta. Recently the last few trips have been with Delta, but Jet Blue is above […]

  • Something

    Day 213 Finally I did a couple short runs last week. That was monumental. All thanks to my running group. I finally got myself out of the door. It was good to be back on a regular schedule. I was glad to see familiar faces and some new faces in my running group. up and […]

  • Back to reality

    Day 208 I’m back from my short vacation to Chile just in time to be home for Christmas. I saw a lot of things and ate well and slept well. The trip was well worth it. I was lucky to be part of the journey. Before I was able to board the plane, many things […]

  • Going places

    Day 205 This post is hard for me to write. For some people (like my hiking friend), they love traveling. For me, I have such a fear, stressful/worrying kind of fear of going to places, no matter if it is local or is far away. I am content to stay at home. I know a […]

  • VA Beach

    Day 148 / False Cape It was a long weekend. I took Friday off to drive down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. The three and half hours drive became close to six hours because of the traffic. The place was farther than I remembered. I was there six months ago for a marathon (First […]

  • Reflection

    Day 146 – full race report (Jack and Jill) The marathon course by itself is one worth seeing. The course started from Hyak (aka Snoqualmie Pass, which is not near the Snoqualmie forest at all) and ended in North Bend. North Bend is about 45 minutes away from Seattle. The course is point to point, […]

  • Change of plan 

    Day 82 I might have mentioned before that my friend who I go hiking with many times is planning a backpacking trip in Chile at the end of this year and I am tagging along.