Day292 Random Friday

Thank you readers for stopping by!

I felt when I started this project, it was more or less a journal for myself or a letter to myself. I didn’t expect to have an audience who would follow my stuffs.

The people who I expect would follow don’t — I mean those real life friends and family or coworkers. Not that my online friends are any less real.

Today probably a good day to go back on the stuff, which I was putting off couple days ago, that is, my pastor’s teaching and how I might benefit from them.

Pastor was speaking on the call by God (Jesus calling his disciples the first time and their responses) during wednesday service. This all related to discipleship, and transformation. I might not able to tie all these ideas together, since I was running at the time of the meeting and couldn’t concentrate 100% on the message.

One idea was we hear the call — those who hear, responded immediately to the master’s call. They would leave everything to follow.

I saw similar parallel in my life. You can say I got my calling of running. When I first took up running, I dove right in without hesitation or give a second thought. It was natural. I didn’t look back. I was 100% committed, because I love it. It is easy to do thing because we love it.

Time spent on training was not a cost at all. Racing though is expensive but I was more than happy to pay for it. I couldn’t wait till the next race. Usually I signed up multiple races way ahead of time and training for them was automatic like as a matter of fact a natural conclusion.

Calling involves turning our back on what we once considered important and leave everything to follow our pursuit.

There were much more to the discussion. I took the first point and run (pun) with it. There is the idea of repentent, counting the cost, denying own self, following the master, being committed to the end, and on. Jesus said, come follow me, I will make you into a fisher of man.

If any man comes after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Mark 8:34. (ATV – Antin’s garbled version) Some version has if any wants to be my disciple.

(This was written a week ago, I was hoping over time, I could remember other points and flush them out or make them related to my running, but life got in the way, and I even missed the pastor 2nd talk the past Wednesday on Discipleship. So, here it is, before this blog get burried and not see the light of day)