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  • day287 50K around Centreville

    [old post] I wrote this up to recap last weekend run. Boy don’t they come fast. Happy Memorial Day! I did a 100k the week before, so it was no surprised I tried a 50K the following weekend. I started to be more familiar with the roads around my neighborhood and a few nearby neighborhoods […]

  • day260 random walk around the neighborhood

    I took the suggestion of exploring some of the neighborhoods around me I am not familiar about. Having been in the area for almost all my life, I am familiar with most places, or so I thought. There are indeed many neighborhoods that I have never been i , but only passed by in a […]

  • day254 – virtual run#2

    Day 254 race report “Centreville Marathon” I used my first virtual run I ran on March 21 for the Maine Coast Marathon. I didn’t post about it but I think on Tuesday, I got an email from the race organizer about the race being canceled. Not a surprise at all after getting so many of […]