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  • Day472 MmT Tr4 Night Run

    TL:DR; final shake out run before the real thing I went out to redeem myself from being kicked after 13 miles on my last training run a month ago. This time, I said I would keep with the pack and avoid the cut-off. This is the last official training (actually bonus training run) for the […]

  • Day471 BRR volunteering and Easter

    The Bull Run 50 mile Race, took place last weekend. At the last minute, they reopened their registration, however, I already had other plans especially since I signed up to volunteer at one of their aid stations. It would be bad karma to promise to serve and then go back on my words. This BROT […]

  • Easter

    Day 111 I woke up early and got to church for the morning Easter worship. We were told to come early, lest there won’t be parking spots available at the layer service. Normally, I attended the night worship, but today there was neither Sunday School (they called it Adult Bible Fellowship) nor night worship. I […]