Day318 recovery

I have gone over the turnsheet today. It was really messed up. I am not feeling regretful or angry about it, because there is no one to blame but myself of not double checking it before my run. It played a role in me not finishing the 100 Miler but it was not a significant role.

My getting lost was not due to the turnsheet being wrong.

The one major flaw of the turnsheet was the distances on it were inaccurate. This either let me to pause too frequently to check on it.

So I finally get myself together and fix the turnsheet while my mind was still fresh.

I don’t think the race director is intentionally messing with my mind though, but I felt like that at the time while I was out running it.

Now I have perfected the sheet, I have to run it again.

Not having a reliable direction was a newbie mistake. The Old school way is to have those down cold. Since now a day most people have a pretty good cellphone, turnsheet and map are things of the past. This race was testing the old ability because my phone was not available.

I fixed all those errors I found. There was a place even missing a turn. Just a minor mistake. I remembered making that wrong turn in the middle of the night on my run and saw the warning sign posted – do not enter – on the fenced gate that blocked the entry, I knew I was at the wrong place.

I was able to study the map in depth now and located some of the restaurants and food stores. Babylon, one of the places that peaked my interest is not a stripped club, but they do open from 5 pm to 5 am. I was telling myself I was going to stop by and getting some food regardless if it is rated R. It is a Hookah bar (smoke bar), or are they playing with words?

I found the locations of some of the Whole Foods stores and Kroggers. I think there is one Trader’s Joe too. All good stuffs. I was whinning that there is no good store in Atlanta. Now I found them. They were at a part of race I didn’t get to last time. It seems similar to Northern Virginia. I am going to get a hotel in that place. I found a couple asian restaurants, and a thai as well. I have a high hope of getting tom yum soup at the end of my run.


Day310 when you are in a knot


I feel the noose tightening so I couldn’t fall asleep last night, thinking about the run coming up in a few days.

A little background. I signed up for this 100 mile ultra (Great southern endurance run, GA,US) I don’t know, maybe at the beginning of summer. It is a virtual run, meaning, I will be running alone, but the course is real (meaning on location). We have 34 hours to finish, which is plenty of time. The good runners could finish under 24 hours, me, maybe looking at 30 hours. 5-6 people already did it. They have been reporting between 29-31 hours. That will be my goal too. I could do a 100k in 13-14 hours, so 26-27-ish hour is a reasonable target.

So with my cellphone I had the turn sheet open and a map spread out on the bed, I traced the route until mile 80. There are twenty more miles to go. And the turn direction gets shorter. There are about 10 more turns left to go. One of the direction was to run 8 miles straight. Sweet. That is probably the longest distance without a turn for this whole route. In comparison, the first 80 miles have about 5 pages of notes. Grr, there are so much information, a turn at every quarter mile.

I need a second study session to get the last 20 miles.


I spent the evening looking over the last twenty miles. Apparently there are only two streets I need to know. Stone Mountain Trail and Peach St. Most of the rest of directions is to continue running down the same road.

Afterward, I went out for a 10K. I didn’t have a number in mind, but as I ran, 10K seems good. It was actually quite short. I finished it and felt I have’t really got any work out.

It was so good to have two weeks off running. All my muscles were fresh. Most of my aches were gone. I could run fast again. The feeling of being able to run fast without feeling my heart exploding or head getting dizzy, or just the legs wouldn’t move. They were all gone. I only was running at maybe 65-70% my max, but it felt so good.

I checked the weather down at Atlanta. And it is not looking good for me. 60% of rain on Friday and 30% of rain on Saturday. The plan was to start early on Friday and finish early on Saturday. I could delay the run to Saturday morning, but I got to finish by 10 on Sunday to make it to the airport and fly home on Sunday evening. So I really would not want to delay the run to Saturday, because it is just too much pressure to make the flight. Praying the weather will change.

I feel alive again.