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  • Day494 IMTR 50 Race (report)

    TLDR – I finished the IMTR 50 mile race in 12:23:00 unofficially. As to why or how read on. (or to read my last year race, IMTR (40) for comparison) Part I: why I did this race The exact finish time was not recorded because the race closed exactly at 12 hours. I came in […]

  • Day483 Grandmas Marathon

    TL;DR a long post of I had a good race but I can’t say exactly why it was so good after I finished. I finally put together various tips and my thoughts for this race. Enjoy! What makes a race great? I guess everything just clicks in a good race. Many reasons have to do […]

  • Day482 Bishop’s Half

    I ran with them once some years back maybe in 2018 or 2019. I might have a post on it. I will need to search back at the older entries (I think I found it, day 136). Bishop is I think the name of the race director. Last time I ran was to do it […]

  • Day477 MMT conclusion

    This was one of those goals I was trying to reach and ended up failing. I have been telling myself, I picked too many safe goals in the past where failures are almost impossible and I needed to try some of those goals where success is not guaranteed. So, I am not sad about not […]

  • Day470 Salisbury Marathon (RunSBY)

    After running the Newport News Marathon last month, I came into the Salisbury Marathon, thinking it would be about the same. While it is easy to compare and contrast the two because they were still fresh on mind, but that is not what will do. I enjoyed running them. This race allowed me just to […]

  • Day466 Newport News Marathon

    With 77F / 25C, strong winds, I couldn’t have asked for a better running condition. Ideally 40-50F might be better suited for me in breaking any personal records. It was hot by any standard, but I was ready to leave winter behind, the heat was not a problem for me. No more long sleeves and […]

  • Day449 Rim to River 100

    I was fortunate to take part in the Rim to River 100 at the New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia of their second year race. Monday quarterbacking – Of course I could still have done better, such as be more efficient at the aid stations. I noticed many people I was able pass […]

  • Day441 Eau Claire Marathon

    That was the Eighth marathon-state and 42 more states to go. If I count the Rocky Raccoon I ran in February in Texas, it would be the nineth. Rocky Raccoon was an ultra marathon, and it is not the same as a normal marathon. When I run a normal marathon I feel I am fast […]

  • Day438 Lake Ridge 12 hrs Run

    Call it a lack of discipline on my part when I signed up for a race I know I shouldn’t since it was so close to my marathon date. But I am an addict to running, I confess. I had a free weekend and it felt weird of not running in something officially sounding event. […]

  • Day404 the big one / Rocky Raccoon 100

    I really don’t know how I pulled off this one to run and finish the Rocky Raccoon 100. But yay, I did finish. It was the coolest race I did. Long but top of the line race support and community. People of Texas put up an amazing race. 1. The race is noobish friendly. I […]