Day356 signup

I went ahead this morning and entered my name into the lottery for Umstead 100.

Even it was just a lottery, I felt the apprehension – like can I really do this?

I have tried two attempts over the summer to do a 100 mile run but both ended unsucessfully. I know I could do the miles but the time limit worries me.

30 hours. My both attempted were targeting 34 hours. First attempt I was a bit cocky, since I could do a 50 miler under 12 hours, and 50 miles more shouldn’t take that much longer and I thought 30 hours are plenty of time.

My second attempt was targeted for 34 hours and it was a bit stress to keep on pace. Actually the first attempt was stressful, the second attempt I believe I was on pace.

So I went ahead and signed up. It is a lottery. The drawings will be done on Friday 6pm eastern. There will be 25 spots and 25 additional spots to be placed on the wait list. Based on the past, these 25 spots are likely to be included. I am so wanting an entry.

I started to look into hotels and airport and stuffs. This race is perfect for logistics. The race is about a few miles from the hotel and not far from the airport. I’m also thinking to drive to race…Looked it up and it was within my driving range – 6 hours. I have driven that far before for a race (Old Glory).

That’s all for now.

Out take. Last night I came home (I started working again), I changed into my running clothes about to go out for my evening run but then collapsed on my bed…The next thing I know it was 2 am. I slept like 6 hours straight. So I went back to bed for good and didn’t wake up until 8 am the next day. No running at all yesterday except in my dream!


ahh, money and races

Day 232

My tax refund is back and woohoo I celebrated by signing up races. It couldn’t come at a better time because I was so broke this week and wept about not able to sign up a race for this weekend.

Race#1 POT OF GOLD. Then a miracle! I saw the money in the bank. So I signed up the Pot of Gold 10K with the PRRaces. What a name! It was like I found a Pot of Gold to run in this race.

Long story, last year was the inaugural year for this race and I had a race pass, however, I didn’t know when I purchased the race pass at the beginning of the year (2019), it didn’t cover for this race. It took my race pass redemption code but I was never completely finished registering for it but I didn’t know. So on the morning of the race, I showed up to collect my bib and the volunteer there said I never registered. I was dumbfounded.

Later on, they had someone who looked into my registration said I had never finished paying for it. I don’t remember what the cost, but it was like $20 extra on top of my race pass. I was too angry about it, so I drove home instead of running in the race.

I didn’t mention it to anyone. It was my lost.

This year, I didn’t purchase a race pass. I am paying every race as they come. I make sure, I’m registered and paid for the race. Fingers crossed that I will finally run this race! Consider this as a Pre-race report.

Race #2 Reston 10 Miler. I signed up for March 8 (following Sunday) Reston 10 Miler! Nothing much to say about it. I ran it once or twice before. Once I remembered I had a bad knee and this race kind of broke me and I almost couldn’t finish. This time around might not be any better. I will be running a 50K the day before, so I might be limping through the 10 Miler again.

Race#3 MCM50K. Guess what!? I signed up. I saw the Facebook announcement on Sunday saying the registration for 50K is up. So I reshared it and posted if I should run it. Couple of my fans said Run It Antin! I debated until today. First mostly because I’m poor and the race is costly. I did it last year and so done and over with.

Then I told myself, MCM50K is going to be a lottery, so why not leave it to fate. Unbeknown to me, it is not a lottery entry. After I clicked on the submit button, it said congratulation, you are now officially registered for the MCM50K for October 25, 2020. Happy training! something like that. Yike! what good fortune.

Good night y’all.


Turkey Trot

Day 199 misc

Some of friends asked me to show them my medals from races. Here are the couple recent ones.

from left to right: Old Glory, MCM50k, and JFK50. That’s an Old Glory Patch, underneath the JFK medal, just received this week from the mail.

Not all races give all medals. I think it is less frequent for ultra to give them out. MCM and JFK are exceptional. I actually have too many medals from my marathons. I prefer patches, where I could stick them inside a notebook.

I love all these three races. It has been spectacular to able to do all of them.

I might not go back to do them again. I love Old Glory the Best.

After a few days of rest from finishining the JFK, I started to sign up for races. I just placed my name in for Laurel Highlands Ultra. This time, I will run the whole trail. My friend and I hiked it during May from End to little past the midway for 50 miles. The whole thing is 70 miles.

My entry isn’t guaranteed. They will pick 135 out of many entries. I hope I will be able to get in. However, if I don’t, I won’t be heart broken. I had several other races lining up as alternatives.

Letting my readers know, I originally was waitlisted for Grayson Highlands, but this week I got in! The race will be in may. I will be running the 50 miler.

Grayson Highlands is another of my favorite. My friend and I went camping/backpacking there two summers ago. We sweated tears and blood on that trail, which is also part of the AT (Appalachian Trail). AT runs almost the whole eastern side of US from Georgia to Maine. I don’t think the race will be on the AT but trails around the area. It will be fun and challenging.

I don’t know how hard either of them will be. People are saying Laurel Highlands is hard. I have personally hiked at both places. I can’t put it in perspective yet to run either of them. For Backpacking we took 4 days to do but with running, we are limited by time. For the Laurel Highlands, I am aiming for under 20 hours. For Grayson Highlands, not sure yet but within cutoff, maybe 15 hours. Need to read up on the race.

Then all is left is training. Both races are in the mountain, so hill training is a must.

Today I am doing a turkey trot. Last Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day for us in the US, a national holiday to comtemplate the days of the pilgrims and God for this wonderful country where worshippers have freedom to worship without being oppressed by kings or government, something like that.

Traditionally – well modern tradition now, is ‘everyone’ go and run a 5k or 10k. A lot do. I am doing a 10k today. The weather is warm around 45-48F. Maybe 15 in C? Perfect runner weather.

I wrote up this post, so that I can get to day 200 to do my summer-fall review!