Day426 go go go

I have nothing to post, but going to post something any way because possibly this will be my last posting before a trip to the Smokies. As always what they say, man proposes and God disposes, one of the camp sites where I had a reservation got canceled due to bear activities. Scary. I might… Continue reading Day426 go go go

Day421 River scramble

River Scramble 10k and Bust the Banks 13.1 are Richmond gems of trail running in the city. I did this in 2018 as my first trail racing. It was a lot of fun. Full of adrenaline rushing down hill and power run up hill, rock hoping and scrambling, it was what I imagined trail running… Continue reading Day421 River scramble

Day417 time pause

I read a good blog the other day from Isaac Takes a Hike, about his Badger Mountain 100. He shared of the time during the race when he came into an aid station and he was not feeling well at least well enough to continue. He determined not to leave the aid station until he… Continue reading Day417 time pause