Day430 rest and plan

rest is a nice way to say I am burned out from running. I took a week off. This was not intentional. It was that I couldn’t bring myself out to run. First time happened since I started running 5 years ago. I did take time off before – twice last year for two weeks… Continue reading Day430 rest and plan


Contentless entry. Writing this more to myself because its another week. I want to keep up with a weekly posting so the blog wouldn’t bit rot. So want to do some computer coding at this moment! give me a math problem so I can pound it out on the keyboard. Wait I don’t even have… Continue reading Day429

Day427 Smokies

It was as advertised, Smokies is a paradise for people who like outdoors. I love every moment of it. I first heard of The Smoky Mountains National Park as a kid from the Smoky Bear TV ads. When I was a teen, a friend went there during one summer and he talked about swimming and… Continue reading Day427 Smokies

Day426 go go go

I have nothing to post, but going to post something any way because possibly this will be my last posting before a trip to the Smokies. As always what they say, man proposes and God disposes, one of the camp sites where I had a reservation got canceled due to bear activities. Scary. I might… Continue reading Day426 go go go

Day421 River scramble

River Scramble 10k and Bust the Banks 13.1 are Richmond gems of trail running in the city. I did this in 2018 as my first trail racing. It was a lot of fun. Full of adrenaline rushing down hill and power run up hill, rock hoping and scrambling, it was what I imagined trail running… Continue reading Day421 River scramble