Day457.9 WTF again

Got to share…and can’t wait till next week or the next day. I just got accepted into the WTF race (waterfall 50K, waterfall is the nickname I think). The race is next weekend. Telling you guys, this race is old school. They don’t let you know until almost the day of. But it is free!… Continue reading Day457.9 WTF again

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Day457 New year Day 2

New Year Resolutions / What I want for Christmas Time goes by so fast. Couple months ago, I was training life-and-death for my biggest race at the time. I was in a rock and a hard place…due to many things coming together at the same time. Of course, I could just walk away and not… Continue reading Day457 New year Day 2

Day456 A new year

A new year is a new beginning. Yes Day 1. I will eventually reset my blog to Day 1 maybe some day. Actually to those who didn’t know I have done so like 5 or 6 times already — not for this blog here but on 5-6 previous journals usually after about 500 ish days,… Continue reading Day456 A new year

Day455 spontaneous

Training has been hard…hard to get start again. Only way to be good at running/anything is to keep on training. The moment we stop training our body and muscles started to decline. I know all that. For me, there is never a good time to train. There is always something comes up and interferes. Only… Continue reading Day455 spontaneous