Laurel Highlands

Day 125

My friend led a four days hike on Laurel Highlands. We went south starting from the end point mile 70.

Notable things:

-we had three people going. It kept the trip interesting

-we had a little bit of storm (like 10 minutes) and we were able to stay in a shelter until it passed. The other time we were already in our tents.

-though stormy weather supposed to last the whole weekend but we happened to avoid most of it. The storm went 30 miles south of us.

-we stayed one night at a state park before heading to Laurel Highlands. We car camped and had a good meal on Friday night in Hagerstown, MD

-sleeping locations were pretty good. We made reservation for our campsites. Not many other people showed up and we basically had the place to ourselves.

-we didn’t complete the entire 70 miles but we did 40 miles. Given another two days we would be able to finish it. We plan or hope to do the rest in the fall.

Overall, we had good time.

I learn fire doesn’t just burn on its own, it will go out if no one tends it. Fanning is important to keep it burning.

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  1. Still impressive and all that matters is that everyone had a good time

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