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  • Day425 Laurel Highlands 70

    I have been waiting to run this race two years ago after hiking/camping the last 40 miles of it. Finally got to run it this past weekend. On the map, one might be fooled that it is flat as a pancake. Laurel Highlands is not. There are many hills and over the long distances, they […]

  • Day303 LH#4

    I decided to go to PA this weekend. Staying at a campsite tonight. Normally, I go into the woods and camp to my heart content, but my mom is with me. She can’t do the wilderness survival stuff I do, so we are staying at a more civilized campsite, where we have bathroom and we […]

  • The boring stuff / trip Laurel#1

    Day 226 I left several things hanging in previous posts, because I ran out of time. Usually I write my posts either going to work or traveling home. I try to squeeze everything in before I ‘pass out’. I have motion sickness, so if I stare at something too long while in motion I get […]

  • Laurel Highlands

    Day 125 My friend led a four days hike on Laurel Highlands. We went south starting from the end point mile 70. Notable things: -we had three people going. It kept the trip interesting -we had a little bit of storm (like 10 minutes) and we were able to stay in a shelter until it […]