Day286 Night Run

Sometimes I have a lot on my mind and running helps sort those out. Tonight was the opposite. I wish I have something to think about but my mind was peaceful as a calm lake.

The run finished quick. It still took over two hours but I didn’t feel it was a drag. A night like this I could run forever. I always like night run.

When I started running in my neighborhood few months ago after the stay at home policy went into effect. There was some trepidation about running alone in an empty street. It took some time to get used to it. I used to run in downtown DC and there are always people no matter how late. But it is different out here in the suburb. Things get quiet real fast after sun down. I kind of like it now. It is just me and the pavement and occasionally a car passes by.

Most sections are dark. In some neighborhood there are street lights but not everywhere. There are places like interstate exits or entrances or under the underpass, there is no street light. There is a section where it is completely dark. I can’t see anything. So I have my handheld flash light and sometimes I double up with a headlamp. I found running in the dark is kind of cool because I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how dark, I will reach a place where there is light soon. That kind of thoughts cheer me up.

Is it dangerous? Sure it is. On couple occasion I tripped and fell. It hurts for sure. I never fell real bad though. Another kind of danger is being run over by car. This is more a problem during day time than at night. Cars do not really see runner. I have many times crossing the road and a car would turn right in front of me. I had one time being right in front of one and the car drove on. I was quick to leap out the way. Most drivers look to their left instead of right. So I would be in their blind spot if I am crossing from their right to left. This had happened quite enough time now I would stop at the intersection and wave at the driver to make sure I have their attention.

Tonight run was short. I have double up the mileage after couple days of rest. It felt good to able easily handle a half marathon each night. A year ago, it was unimaginable that I could do that.

Watch data: 13.14 miles in 3:10 hours.
I stopped at my mom’s place for dinner. The watch kept going because I don’t believe in pausing the timer.

I was able to ponder on the pastor yesterday message but it will take too long for me to write it out. I will save it for another post. I got to say, I love virtual church. I attended the Bible study class yesterday night while outside running my half marathon. I wish to be able to do this from now on. Save so much time. It was a zoom video meeting call too. I kept the phone in my pocket though.

3 responses to “Day286 Night Run”

  1. You are very sweet to be careful of her like that 🥰 I agree with that while is not totally safe.

    Hahaha you can’t say stuff like that to a mom and not expect a full meal lol … you her baby – she gonna wanna make sure you taken care of and been eating right lol

    Huh… interesting – or you could have reached the point in “running” where you have reached enlightenment lol…

    I would think that be good though ? Clear mind while run?

    Do you prefer to have things on your mind when you run? Does help you think about things clearer?

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  2. I didn’t expect a dinner! I was joking with her using a Bible quote, that I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and open the door I would come in and dine with her. It might seem I was asking for dinner. I was only looking for candies. I love getting candies on my run 🙂

    We are still sheltering in place, and I took it seriously to only eat on the porch. I consider her to be in the at-risk group. 🙂

    About the run, it was rare that there was nothing going on inside my head. It was completely silent :). I didn’t know it was possible. If I am a Buddhist, I would believe I have reached enlightenment. I was a bit worry that it was so quiet.

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  3. A peaceful calm mind is awesome though isn’t it!! I love that!!

    I remember you in the beginning of the shut down lol… I remember you were not sure at all how to handle … look at you now!! Kickin it!! Nice!!

    And you even got to have dinner with your mom ❤️ I hope you held her extra tight and said thank you and I love you lol don’t forget those!!

    Glad you enjoyed your mobile bible study – that’s pretty awesome.

    See we came out ok so far lol ✌️

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