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  • Day498 Pemberton 24

    How do you run a 5K every hour for 24 hours? How do you even train for it? At Pemberton 24, we were given the opportunity to run a 5K every hour for 24 hours this past weekend. A 5K race starts at every hour. The rule is unless you are at the starting line […]

  • Day497 Rock n the Knob

    Another year, another week and another race report – It was my third time running and third race this fall season! I’m not jaded by it yet. I love fall! (year1, year2) As if readers haven’t realized, I am hitting my races in full strides this season. This one Rock-n-the Knob is one of the […]

  • Day495 Claytor Lake 12h run

    TLDR – a 12h endurance run at Claytor Lake. My second year Fall season is here and I can run as much as I want! This past weekend I went to Claytor Lake in Dublin, VA and ran a 12 hour event. They had a 6, 12, and 24 hour event. Last year I signed […]

  • Day494 IMTR 50 Race (report)

    TLDR – I finished the IMTR 50 mile race in 12:23:00 unofficially. As to why or how read on. (or to read my last year race, IMTR (40) for comparison) Part I: why I did this race The exact finish time was not recorded because the race closed exactly at 12 hours. I came in […]

  • Day493 Pre Race Day (actually TR week 7 or 8)

    Bring all up to date, probably this is the conclusion of the IMTR training arc. We reached the race weekend. As normally, there is not much happening in the last week before the race. As some already know, I wrote ahead and not really much in real time. I wrote this at the end of […]

  • Day492 Training Week #6

    Six weeks went by already and I felt I just started. Usually, I only need about 10-12 weeks to train, this time I am in trouble. I might need 16+ weeks to get ready. Like what I said in my last training, I slacked off too much this season. Not that I could not run […]

  • Day491 IMTR run #2 (Training week 5)

    I went to Damascus (VA) and had my second and last on-site training run for the IMTR (Iron Mountain Trail Run), a race I will be doing in a couple week. This is similar to the trip I took about amont ago in July. Last time, we covered the second half of the course, from […]

  • Day489 Training week 3

    I am procastinating, if anything involving effort. I know in the last blog post, I want to do a review of how I am doing in reaching this year resolutions. What I made resolutions? Ya, something at the beginning of the year but now I don’t remember what they were. Yet, that can wait till […]

  • Day488 Training week 2

    The next four weeks between now and until IMTR (my race), there is going to be very little activity except for training. This year, I have hard time with finding motivation to train. I know training is necessary. I’m not a prodigy with natural running talent. Some people, if they are young can just go […]

  • Day487 Imtr run#1

    Iron Mountain Trail Run (IMTR) is a 50 mile race in Damascus, Virginia. This year I put on my big pants and said why not, lets run this 50 mile. There are other options like 40 mile, 30 mile and 16 mile event. The 40-mile was too easy for me last year, but 50-mile might […]