Day297 getting closer

Another day likes one before. I am not ready for a random Friday 🙂

Weekend starts soon. I have my fingers crossed. Tomorrow will be busy because I have a bunch of things to do to get ready for Saturday.

I won’t likely be posting a Random Friday post on Saturday morning as I have done the last couple weekends because this weekend I will be heading to Skyline Drive to do some hiking with my hiking lady. Well she is leading a big group this time. There probably 10+ people — note we are still required to wear masks and practice social distancing. No comment on the group size. She said those who are afraid should sit out on this one.

I will be going. There will be a fast group and a slower group. I haven’t decided which group I want to join. I probably with the fast and high mileage group. We will be doing at least 17 miles in about 6 hours. Decent pace. The slower group will be doing 8-10 miles in the same amount of time. The bigger group will do a loop hike while the slower group will be doing a out and back and they can control when they want to turn back.

I am thinking of heading out a few hours beforehand to do trail running on the Appalachian trail. It has been four or more months since I last ran on a trail. I am so excited.

I need to go to bed early tomorrow. No more midnight or 2 AM kind of stuff. I will be in bed by 9. And Need to be up by 4. Trail/Park opens at 5. So I want to be the first one there. I guess my run will go from 5:30 – 9:30.

This means I have to fill up my gas tank tomorrow. I need to do some shopping. I need to prepare for my 1st, 2nd breakfast plus, 1st and 2nd lunch.

Remind me to bring water and a bottle of soda. I need my water filter too.

Hopefully I will have a ton of mileage.

2 responses to “Day297 getting closer”

  1. The first group the fast ones sound serious… go fast no talking or socializing lol just run

    The slow group maybe some convos as you jog? That would be the group I would pick – I like slow lol

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  2. Wow!!! You just go and go and go!! Impressive!

    I remember your story about when you first started, and now wow!!

    Sounds like you will be busy tmrw

    Enjoy your weekend/run!!


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