Day298 The Peak

I am so happy after what 3 months of staying at home, I am finally back on the trail. Indeed happy trail.

I guess I could always go by myself. The park is always open. Some do if you know where to go. Shenandoah was going to stay open until too many people misused it and it was forced to be closed during the pandemic. It think there were also some politic strong arming against the park officials.

But we are reopened now. Our state went into stage 2. I think there is a stage 3 too. Our local area is still in stage 1 since we just entered it last week, unlike the rest of the state. They have been in Stage 1 I think for almost a month.

So we were back on the trail. The side trails,(trails at park boundary are still closed. So we had to drive on the skyline drive to get to our trail.

I went to bed early after finishing my shopping. However I could not get up at 4am in the morning to do the run. I didn’t leave my place until 6. I still got to the trail couple hours before everyone. I ran about 6 miles on my own.

I put in about 20 miles today mostly hiking, but we did get in 4-5 miles of running too. I am kind of tired now, Vegging on the lazy boy, writing this post. I could run long miles but hiking is something else. I feel so sleepy right now. I wish I can have a full body massage.

I got a hug from my lady hike leader…what about coronavirus 😮? I was like hold on, I need to think about this. This is the second time she hugged me. Maybe for surviving the shelter in place this past three months. And it was the first time seeing each other since the Chile trip back in December. The first time I was hugged was like three years ago when we did our first backpacking trip. Not going to read too much into it. I was surprised that was all, since I am not a feely touchy person, but she is.

My first real hike as in 2017 and also after the corona-covid19 here. Called The Peak and not the mall. Yes malls in our area reopened last weekend. Instead going to the mall we hike the Peak

I love this loop hike since it was really the first hike that got me into the wilderness thing and loving outdoors. Old Rag hike doesn’t count. We did the Anything But Old Rag in 2017 before this one, that could count as my first hike. But the Peak not the Mall, was a hike I saw my first bear literally face to face with one and there was no where to turn and the hike also literally broke me, because it was so hard (now it is like what I do that each day before breakfast). Well it is still draining but not that I need to bed rest afterward for the next two months.

The Peak is the name of a nearby mountain called the Peak. I actually have not climbed up there. They don’t recommend people doing it because of the erosion / to prevent further erosion of the trail. Also the trail up on the Peak is no longer maintained and people will need to have serious bushwacking skill to do it otherwise you can get very lost out there.

My friend also mentioned about next weekend backpacking…I haven’t decided on that trip yet. I do miss backpacking but kind of want to go to Pennsylvania to do that 70 mile run. Will saved it for another post.

I was going to do a random Friday post or Friday fav post… but a hiking post is fine. Also I need to post something to get to Day 300. Just one more filler post I’ll be there. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

2 responses to “Day298 The Peak”

  1. We are still stage one. Not sure with the stages. I know it is not all open like before. Pennsylvania uses color. They are in yellow. I see restarants now setting up tables outside in the parking lot with tents and music and people do eat there even if it is 90 degree! 🙂

    bears- I was so scare that time, but our East Coast bears are much nicer. Yes in the West Coast play dead, but here most bears are small and shy. My first bear wasn’t shy nor small though. He (or she) just played dumb as we slowly walked across him. He just laid on the log watching us. It was close to us.

    Our group saw two bears the past weekend, I didn’t get to see any.


  2. There is a stage 3… I believe we are in stage 3 ??… not totally positive what’s going on 🤨

    Restaurants are operating for eat in… tables have to be 6 ft apart… only so many allowed in at a time. All employees must wear masks…

    This weekend clothing stores just reopened – the lines were like 30 people deep outside their doors!!

    There are businesses who are not yet reopening even though restrictions lifted.

    Most stores trying to reopen – those with damage obviously can’t and we still have that – so that’s an issue…

    There are some stores that suffered through corona, and then hit by the looters – and now are done, closing up shop… they went under

    Our malls just opened – but no one is going? I think they have rules on capacity or something – they are still like ghost towns

    lol… I am same way with hugs 🤗… unless I am wicked excited to see someone – so that might be why… under isolation so long and it’s been hard – you a friend and familiar and obviously she enjoys you as a person. That is nice! Lol did you say “hey social distance” ?? lol

    How did you escape the bear? Don’t you play dead? Lol I don’t know so I ask … I would be scared!! 😳


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