Day321 icecream

Weekend is coming. I am in a self imposed quarantine. I had my food delivered to me by Amazon. It was a bit pricy. It was my first time using it (Amazon Fresh). I believe they over package – I ended with 10 bags or so. I ordered typically what I get from the local stores and usually it is like 3-4 bags. Usually I pay about $35. Online ordering, I didn’t get any discount so it ended up about 50% more expensive. I did ordered meat so those are a bit pricey. I know, because everything is organic, so those costed me more. I think Amazon is targeting the rich millenials. I got to suck it up for another week and then I will be free.

Their packaging – They used a lot of bags. My icecream came in its separate bag, with foam wraped. Double and tripple wrapped. They had cardboard/paper surrounding on the outside and sealed that in another layer of bag. Good thing is it was still cold when I unwrapped everything. They made sure the icecream didn’t melt in the 90 degree heat. I laughed. It was like a mini fridge.

My mom also brought food over. I told her I was not supposed to see her… but she thought I had nothing to eat. What can you say. The one who shouldn’t be running around should be her.

Unrelated, I signed up a virtual race in PA. I will do it immediately once I end my quarantine. It will be at Camp Anderson. I have never been there. But a fellow runner I met on my last trip to PA recommended it. He is doing it too, though I don’t know which day he is running it. I am choosing July 25 to head up. We are given free camping. I haven’t decided to camp first then run or run first then camp.

It will be an endurance run. I chose 6 hrs. You run as many loops (2 mile) as you can within the time limit. So I hope to do a marathon 13-14 loops. The loop is a bit less than 2 mile.

that’s all. Happy weekend.

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  1. Oh wow! Maybe I won’t try them then … my little Walmart Neighborhood market does awesome with it 🥰❤️ I can have anything and they pick good too!!

    You should see if your grocery store does that? They may do same day? You would have to look online.

    They are trying to be THE stock lol

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  2. Many reasons. They don’t hold much inventory. They can’t replace in person shopping experience. Here is a thought example, similar to what I tried to get, if you go into a grocery store, you see piles of fruits first. But Amazon Fresh would mostly promote the non-perishable items. Say you really want to buy apples and then bananas. So you click fruits. But they will give you only one of two choices and then made tons of recommendations on many non-fruit items and very random stuff too. (It is my first time so their AI has not learned of me). So it tries to sell you something else, their higher mark up stuffs! Even with apples, in an in-person store, you have at least 10 different types to choose from, plus organic vs non organic, local farms vs some national/intl brands. But in Amazon Fresh only one choice. Organic, and oneor two types, their type. They sell them at a premium. Say if you want to buy 2, there is no where to click add 2 to the basket until at the check out. If you click three, they would indicate out of stock!!! Their selections, item types, and quantity are very limited. You are paying a premium, plus delivery cost (the optional tips to the driver). Here you also assume the quality is good, since you can’t pick your own fruits. I haven’t gotten to banana part…Their related items algorithm is really wacky.

    All this just to say they are not ready for the masses. They are selling to a niche market.

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  3. How come you don’t recommend? The expense? Not worth it?

    Awww 🥰❤️ thank you for doing that!! That is very thoughtful!! No wonder you didn’t wanna see your mum lol


  4. Many grocery stores now have online ordering, but it is my first time doing grocery online. Amazon has a 2 hour delivery, but still I won’t recommend it.

    I’m staying at home (quarantine) because I recent traveled to Atlanta, so in case I had caught Covid19 there I would minimize the chance of spreading it here after returning. It is a voluntary staying-at-home.

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  5. I have never tried ordering from amazon. Interesting.

    You mom is awesome!! Awww 🥰 … she sounds very sweet

    Why are you quarantining?

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