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  • Day481 Richmond virtual option

    TL;DR flexing a few races I will be doing I wrote up two entries this week. They are not related. I am excited of both of them. Here is the first. I will be also traveling this weekend for a race. I will write about that race soon. Keeping it under wrap for now as […]

  • Day479 lost and found

    TL;DR – some self talk to get me into training again. Goals for this year. The year is not over yet Three weeks since I finished the 100 mile race, and I am in a rough stretch emotionally. It is expected as with any big race that there will be a big let down when […]

  • Day478 Memorial weekend

    After a big race, my body is recovering well. Unlike other races that usually I would be in a near broken state, I am pretty much recovered after couple days resting. It could be I was not running that hard. It felt like another marathon, I just bounced back after a good night sleep. Maybe […]

  • Day476 i got this / anticipation

    TL;DR – MMT race plan and bigger goals Season 12 has been rough. I thought I would have the perfect season. After 6 years of running, and two whole years of ultra training, that originally it seems I would have the least distractions and I would be well prepared for my 100 mile race at […]

  • Day473 Impromptu race

    TL:DR; Ended up running in a nameless race overnight last weekend. The race was called 24-hr Adventure Trail Run by Athletic-Equation, but that is a generic name. My plan for the weekend was to go to the MMT race course to have one more practice after finishing the Easter Chocolate Bunny night run. But by […]

  • Day468 – life goes on

    I’m ok. Nothing much to write about. Briefly, back/leg is still giving me problem. I am improving. Maybe 10% better than last week. Not a huge jump but the pain has lessened to an inconvenience numb. Probably seeing a doctor is the right course of action. The Sunday 10K didn’t aggravate the injury. I could […]

  • Day465 and so it begins

    Nothing much happened for me last week. I might as well take the week off for a mental health break. And I did, from running that is. I blame the booster shot. It made me super tired and unmotivated. I was better though by the end of the week but I did not run. Running […]

  • Day463 burning the midnight oil & BRR TR2

    This week was unproductive. There was a bit on my plate and I was worried over stuff at work. A few years ago, I wouldn’t believe I would have panic attacks because I was usually carefree happy go lucky. But now many little things would bother me and it is hard to focus at times […]

  • Day462 up ahead – some decisions

    I was debating at the beginning of the week if I should sign up for some local races. The answer should have been a “quick, sign me up!” I don’t know any more. I am not what I once was. I am less incline to rush into a race even if it is free. By […]