Day332 Youtube-1

I caught up on Youtube over the weekend. I have been living under a rock!

I didn’t know many of the Youtbe celebrities (US). In 2019 one of the biggest news was PewDiePie was being surpassed in ranking of the most subscribed Youtube channel by an Indian music channel and Mr Beast was doing a campaign to save him by asking people to subscribe! I didn’t know either of them at the time (I might have watched some Mr Beast Minecraft videos, but I didn’t pay so much attention at the Youtuber.

I saw the Super Bowl and saw Mr Beast’s stunt there but his message was totally over my head at the time. My relatives who were watching the Super Bowl with me was asking me what was that about!

I had my laugh this weekend watching many of their videos. Don’t even get me start on, which tries to emulate Youtube success.

4 responses to “Day332 Youtube-1”

  1. I don’t either as a viever but to video producer (and advertisers) view means higher rating and that means money. It is something I just find out. I’m always attract by money 🙂


  2. My own kids like the videos that don’t seem funny at all, just ridiculous lol … but they laugh hysterically lol – “today’s youth” lol

    I don’t really look at views – only content – if it strikes me I like it… I don’t usually follow mainstream anyway … and like your video presented – do what you love how you want to … doesn’t really matter too much if accepted at first

    Plus the great minds do not care about being accepted – they are about thought 💭 and learning, ideas 💡motivation ✌️


  3. I like the boring stuff videos too. Those videos don’t have much views. The exciting stuff videos have too much screaming for my taste, but kids love those. 🙂

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  4. 😄😄😄 personally, I use YouTube for mostly documentaries – to other people “boring stuff” lol ✌️

    My kids fill me in on YouTube (my oldest is a YouTube’er – has his own channel)

    They also fill me in on twitch happenings – which I just listen cause I don’t do twitch at all lol

    And also TikTok with the younger 2 😄

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