Day363 poles etc

There were a few things I wanted to write for a long time but usually some other things got the spot.

I met couple ultra guys in Pa during the summer and one of them uses poles on his runs. I have been thinking of doing the same.

I follow a Youtuber, he said he started using poles when he realized all the top finishers of ultra races use them.

So yesterday I packed a pair of trekking poles. They were ultra light weight that I happened to found being left on the trail on a trip I did couple years back. I was pretty sure someone forgotten them…and not just leave them to be picked up at a later time, you know runners often do if they do loops on a trail. The poles were left at least more than one day, and might have been a week or more. This was before Covid, nowaday, I don’t touch other people’s stuffs with all the germs.

My Pa friend said I have to practice with the poles because they get heavy during the run. Yesterday I did 22 miles and by halfway I had to put them away. Today, I woke up, my upper arms and shoulders were slightly sore. My goodness. These things do affect your body.

I have been thinking if I will use them in my 100 mile race. The course is not technical. There are some hills but nothing of a 1000 ft climb. I think poles are not needed. But if I decide to use them, I need to start training with them to build those muscles.

Relating to poles, I also wanted to write about socks and underwear. I wear whatever I can find in my drawers and have been making noobie mistakes. The biggest one was during my summer 100 miles attempt. I got pretty bad blisters on both feet. It was the shoes too but socks were part to blame. I have not done an indeep research on what kind of socks I should be wearing.

I like the thick wooly kind. Walmart socks were really bad. I brought some that said to have thick cushion, for all day factory workers, EMT and such. They were junk. After several washes they were no longer thick and cushy.

Similarly I got bad chaefing from bad underwear. It is better not to wear any. Usually first 10-ish mile it does not matter. Longer distances, I start to feel the cut and burn for the repetitive rubbing. I have to look into having the right clothing. I use to put lube and stuff the first year before my runs, but now I am a bit lazy. I only put balm on afterward to soothe the burn.

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  1. I just wear whatever I found. The first year of running I brought those fancy spandex jammers but found out I am allergic to certain materials, maybe latex. I like those because they make feel I can run very fast but they I would be itching all over. I still wear them sometimes if I want to win races.


  2. Well commando or boxers maybe ? I never thought about the underwear aspect before lol

    Socks do that… you find an incredible soft cushy amazing pair and then after wear and wash that always goes away hmm – I don’t know of any specific ones that stay that way – please say if you find some…in winter I would like that lol

    Also I can imagine that those poles would build your upper body strength… when I had my mastectomy … omg you have NO idea how much we take the breast muscle area for granted!!! Omg… I could not even pick up my cell phone or a cup of water!!! Holy moly!!! I had no idea how much that breast muscle was used for

    And then also … I haven’t in awhile (not since all the cancer stuff) … but I do still like swings … I remember when I would swing … I am a hard swinger lol – I like to go really high!! Ba boom lol

    But then the next day I can totally feel that in my arms lol

    Like I said I have not done in forever – I’d be little nervous sorta with that right side now… I just haven’t tried. ✌️

    Very interesting post lol


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