Day374 Happy Halloween

Need to prepare for my seneca run with only two more weeks left.

This week has not been great with training. 0 mile run.

I was really lazy. After work each day, by the time I ate I did not want to head outdoor. Each day was the same.

Hope to get some miles in today. I need actual course experience. A couple places on the course is having me worry. I read from previous reports of people getting lost. So I am thinking to head out there tomorrow. Why not today? I already had something going – hiking/running signal knob.

The race is stressing me out. I might need a new headlamp. Not sure where mine is at. I hate it when I misplace things. This is not like me. Hate it when I have to replace things.

I have been buying stuffs for the race. I got tape to tape up blisters. I got wipes. Needles. I got a new watch. I might need better socks. Compression socks. Need shoes too though not for the race…but after the race, I need a good pair. I need a real trail shoes.

I really didn’t have any content to post, so just getting this out. I feel each day blends into the next and a month is gone. Nothing special. Happy Halloween Guys! Scary.

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