Day431 killing time

I haven’t had much time this week because I have been running as much as I could. The cure for burn out is more running! I was very happy to run till I drop. Not the healthest way to train but it satisfied that craving for more running. I aimed to run at least 100… Continue reading Day431 killing time

Day427 Smokies

It was as advertised, Smokies is a paradise for people who like outdoors. I love every moment of it. I first heard of The Smoky Mountains National Park as a kid from the Smoky Bear TV ads. When I was a teen, a friend went there during one summer and he talked about swimming and… Continue reading Day427 Smokies

Day421 River scramble

River Scramble 10k and Bust the Banks 13.1 are Richmond gems of trail running in the city. I did this in 2018 as my first trail racing. It was a lot of fun. Full of adrenaline rushing down hill and power run up hill, rock hoping and scrambling, it was what I imagined trail running… Continue reading Day421 River scramble

Day374 Happy Halloween

Need to prepare for my seneca run with only two more weeks left. This week has not been great with training. 0 mile run. I was really lazy. After work each day, by the time I ate I did not want to head outdoor. Each day was the same. Hope to get some miles in… Continue reading Day374 Happy Halloween

Day368 commute

Hope this will be a short post because I am kind of out of time. I’m on the metro after almost 6 months, where I normally do most of my writing. But today will only be one stop because my work has moved much closer to home. I still rant about the traffic. It took… Continue reading Day368 commute

Day325 a day

A day that I don’t post anything is like a day wasted or gone. What did I do that day? What did I do that week, month, or year? When I was young, I have memorable experiences, and you can remember everything. When now I am older, all these recent years seem to pass so… Continue reading Day325 a day

Day314 Departure

Nothing much was done in regard to my to-do list. I packed last night. Basically just dumped everything in the suitcase. FedEx was closed and today morning I had to work. I tried to go during lunch but after stopping by my mom’s place for lunch, I ran out of time. There was a company… Continue reading Day314 Departure