Day374 Happy Halloween

Need to prepare for my seneca run with only two more weeks left. This week has not been great with training. 0 mile run. I was really lazy. After work each day, by the time I ate I did not want to head outdoor. Each day was the same. Hope to get some miles in… Continue reading Day374 Happy Halloween

Day368 commute

Hope this will be a short post because I am kind of out of time. I’m on the metro after almost 6 months, where I normally do most of my writing. But today will only be one stop because my work has moved much closer to home. I still rant about the traffic. It took… Continue reading Day368 commute

Day325 a day

A day that I don’t post anything is like a day wasted or gone. What did I do that day? What did I do that week, month, or year? When I was young, I have memorable experiences, and you can remember everything. When now I am older, all these recent years seem to pass so… Continue reading Day325 a day

Day314 Departure

Nothing much was done in regard to my to-do list. I packed last night. Basically just dumped everything in the suitcase. FedEx was closed and today morning I had to work. I tried to go during lunch but after stopping by my mom’s place for lunch, I ran out of time. There was a company… Continue reading Day314 Departure

Day268 to Reston

I chickened out to do my 50+ miles last weekend even though it was a perfect weekend. I did a long run though – a 7 hour marathon. Yes it was super long. I did not feel motivated to push myself to run faster. I dragged myself out the house in the morning. That’s good… Continue reading Day268 to Reston

off running

Day 209 Since getting back from the trip a week ago, I only ran once and that was about one to two miles during my lunch break. I really have to give to the two holidays…no wonder people talk about gaining weight and messing up their diet during this season. I did not have as… Continue reading off running