Day289 Memorial Day

I wasn’t going to post anything today since it was a nice day off. I had a good morning run, and did not have more to add. However, I came across this nicely done video that captures my mood for today and usually how I would feel when I am out in the woods alone. It is about a guy visiting a crash site of a WW2 plane in Pennsylvania. I don’t know the guy myself, but based on his Youtube handle name, it might be the “expert” who posted a lot about hiking The Laurel Higlands Trail, and I relied on his information, when I backpacked part of trail last year on the Memorial Day weekend, coincidentally.

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Day268 to Reston

I chickened out to do my 50+ miles last weekend even though it was a perfect weekend.

I did a long run though – a 7 hour marathon. Yes it was super long. I did not feel motivated to push myself to run faster. I dragged myself out the house in the morning. That’s good in itself.

When I started, I was kind of aiming to run for as long as I could until I drop, maybe to midnight. I checked the weather. It was against me, forecasting that rain in the evening and lasting into the next day. I know I might need 12-13 hours to finish a 50+ miles, and so would be caught in it. Not good.

I was going to try to run a 50 miles any way but only half heartedly. That was the reason the first 27 was so slow. I aimed to save my energy for the second half.

I had no committed plan in mind when I started off. I was smart enough to bring myself a bottle of water and the runner backpack this time. For food, I was expected to stop back at the house from time to time to top off on fruit cups and all other goodies.

My route was going to be a 4 loops of 13 miles around the neighborhood, like many times I did before. However having done that so many times already, it would be a boring run. I decided not thinking about it and just go by feel. I don’t know how to explain this. If I feel good I’d run, if not I quit. Yes, it was a very dangerous thought to have on a long run, because I will likely quoit prematurely.

It took me a while to get going. It was nippy (50-55F) about 10C. Normally cold doesn’t bother me. But recently, 50F was not something I can handle in short sleeves. I put on a second layer with a long sleeves, which was my normal winter run getup when it is 30 F outside. I was feeling wimpy because the cold.

I walked the first few miles to get my core temperature up. Ditched the outer layer. I tied it to my waist.

Through out the run it was like this. It was a combination of walk and run and repeat. Note I normally do not walk on my run.

First few miles. I love this neighborhood and this was where I started to seriously run

I stopped by my mom’s place, which was around mile 6. I haven’t seen her for two weeks. Of course we kept our distance and I didn’t go inside the house. She came out with water for me. I didn’t need it because I was carrying my own today.

Normally at this point I would turn around and head back home and then repeat to build up the mileage.

Today I felt a bit wanderlust. I headed away from my house on Stringfellow Rd (weird name) toward the other direction. I was brave enough to cross the divided highway, Lee Jackson Mem Hwy.

I don’t usually go here because it is on the other side of the busy highway. It led to a part of the bike trail that I never ran on but it is considered one of the pride trails of the Fairfax County.

The trail runs along side of the Fairfax County Parkway, which crosses the whole county from the south-eastern end to the north-western end. The road was built recently (about 20 years). Note we rarely laid down a completely new road here. This road was one of the big undertaking.

This road is long. The mile marker where I entered the road was at 26.5. That was maybe little more than half way. I don’t know how long the road is. Maybe 40 miles? (I looked it up 35 miles)

First time running on the Fairfax County Parkway. North bound at mile 26

The bike trail is beautiful. The whole trail is wide and mostly rustic feel and plenty room to run. My goal was to run as far as I could. At that time my mind went into full planning mode. I want to run 26 miles before heading back. However, I might likely get caught by the storm later on my way back and I didn’t have my rain jacket with me. I was not willing to rough it out with the element. I also didn’t have my flashlight. The trail has no street lights and is rather remote from residents and markets.

At that point it was around 8 miles into the run. I know the trail has only a few businesses until I get to the city of Reston. To me Reston was very far away. I know how to get there by car but never attempted by running there before. It is crazy to even think about it. I did a quick math. Normally it would take me 25 mins in a car from my house. I decided to run until 3 pm then turn around assuming I might not able to reach Reston at all.

It was noon at the time. I was kind of regretted of not accepting food from my mom when I made a stop at her house. I started to feel hungry.

Fairfax County Parkway is like an interstate, so each exit or cross road is far away. This is good for runners and bikers because we don’t have to stop frequently to cross a road. It is amazing they built skybridges for us on some intersections so we don’t have to navigate through the car traffic.

I kept on trudging. In the end I saw Reston from the distance as it’s skyscrapers and office buildings came into view.

Reston being seen from the Fairfax county parkway overpass. The city is our silicon valley here in Fairfax/northern VA. It has many tech companies and data centers. It is still being developed.

I didn’t get to Reston Town Center, which was about few more miles (three-ish) but I turned off at Target to buy lunch. It was the first store I saw.

Healthy lunch! Strawberry Banana Smoothie with no added sugar. Forgot to check the calories.
Adding some more substance to my lunch – Bear Naked’s Granola trail mix. If it is good for bears it is good for me

After lunch, I decided to turn around. The return trip was pretty boring. I didn’t get caught in the storm. I made a second stop at my mom’s place and she made me a real smoothie of her specialty an avocado smoothie. It was a great boost to my strength. I was at mile 20, generally, hitting my ‘wall’ (my glycogen limit – emptying my energy store). It was 3 pm by then.

However, I was not as tired as in the last marathon but I just was not as motivated to run. I was still on the fence whether to run another 26 miles but internally I was kind of dragging my feet. I knew deep down I didn’t want to do it. So I was mostly walking the last six miles. I hit the wall I think, but it was not that bad. I was just tired and I could feel my feet was not ready to run the diatance. It was like if I push on some more on, my feet would sustain so injury. Having run long enough from experience you could feel it if you are healthy or not, or know if you are tired versus that your body is about to crashed. It was probably at mile 24. I decided I wouldn’t go out for another loop and called it a day.

I was happy with the decision to head home. I was hungry. There was no point to drag out for another 6-7 hours when rain would come and darkness fall. The worse thing is to run when I not feeling it. It would be just miserable out on the road. I will save that 50+ miles for another day.

The overall route and race clock. I didn’t pause my watch even when I stopped at my mom’s place or at Target. I am old school. The clock kept ticking to simulate race condition.

Final thought? Nothing deep but some observations. I went back to a neighbhood/corporate park I thought was beautiful, however, it didn’t look that pretty on camera. My mood changed too I think. Oh, I came across the sign welcome to Centreville, but my phone was out of battery at the time to take a shot.

Originally, the purpose (a side mission any way) of this run was to shoot photos for one of my earlier race reports. I think though I was at some of the same places as before but it did not evoke the same feeling. They say you can’t step on the same river twice. I ended up not posting those pictures.

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day266 kind a random Friday

This couple weeks I have learned quite a few things from Youtube while having nothing to do. It was more like an excuse of not wanting to do anything.

Napal, it is a beautiful country I want to go there trekking someday. It was not on my radar other than the Everest base camp trek.

–I watched couple videos by Sarala Thapa

Her mini documentaries reminded me of the serious tone from NPR (US National Public Radio) news reports or movie of Dances with Wolves. It was a pleasure to watch. I just love heavy things like this.

-I know about Bobby Fischer, American Chess champion and herarded as the greatest chess player ever, from a movie “In Search of Bobby Fischer” many years ago but I haven’t looked at any of his chess games. I found stimulating watching couple videos on his games on Youtube. After that, my mind was too tired to continue, but it was well worth it. Plus I learned about a new chess game he invented, chess960.

It led me to watch many chess videos of the current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen. It was beyond my ability to follow. Plus, speed chess is not my cup of tea.

I throughly enjoyed the interview he did with Dick Carvett Show in 1972.

WW2 Battle of Midway. I want to know more about World War II and I like strategy.

The video from the Japanese general’s perspective was interesting. The battle could have gone either way. The video puts the viewer behind a ‘fog of war’, meaning you only know about things as it comes and experience confusion occurred during the battle.

After that, I went on to watch the American perspective and an earlier naval battle of Coral Sea. I love this video. It is likely boring subject to most people, but the narator of this video is excellent.

There you have it. Heavy stuffs for a heavy time.


sometimes things just happen

Day 241 / Seneca Creek 50K report

Another long post, but I had to get it out. I know, readers can get blog-fatigue. I do. Some readers only read once a month, some once a week. I try to blog when I can. Yes, mostly for myself as a run journal. So here is another run report.

At church, we have been learning about the providence of God in our study of the book of Esther – how the God of the universe is orchestrating all things to happen the way he wants it to happen to show his care and protection of his chosen people. It takes a leap a faith to believe this because we can’t come to reconcile how each of us can act the way we want to act and still in the end fall into place according to God’s plan. Enough said. For those who believe in the complete sovereignty of God, it is a delight and comfort when we see how things work out seemingly toward a goal.

On a smaller scale, there are times when I don’t plan things out but what you really wanted would happen and you saw it and said that’s really what I want all along, as if it has been planned.

And sometimes, no matter how much you plan murphy’s law always ruin the day.

Last weekend was one like it (the good kind and not the murphy’s law kind). I didn’t really plan for this race. It has been a series of events and making the right decision at the right time and finally it brought to pass and now I looked back and say it was perfectly planned and executed. I couldn’t have done it any better. I was like I woke up in the morning, saw a race on my calendar, ran it, and pleased.

I was lined up for two races for the weekend. Seneca Creek on Saturday was signed up a bit while ago, maybe after I got accepted to the Laurel Highland race or sometimes in Janurary. The second race was the Reston 10 Miler, which I signed up just couple weeks ago (blogged about it).

I have forgotten (willfully put out of my mind) the race date until middle of the week of. I knew the weekend is going to be tough one. I have a 31 mile run on Saturday, then a 10 miles run on Sunday, and my own long run training (16 miles) for the weekend.

Seneca Creek Greenway 50K, is a low frill, low cost, local marathon. It was one of the best races I have done. I just love the local flavor. Everyone, mostly everyone are from the surounding areas. I don’t know anyone really, but I felt we were one big family. I was giddy excited to run with them. I don’t usual get this kind of feeling except for my weekly group run. I met couple people and we talked and laughed, which is why I love it so much.

There was no corporate branding. It was not like DC Rock n Roll. The course can be challenging. If I haven’t done other ultras in the mountains like in West Virginia or in Roanoke, this race would be considered one of the hardest. The reason being is a lot of local people are ‘road’ marathon runners, it is not easy for them. We living in the city (flat city) don’t get that kind of hills. Seneca Creek though has a fair bit of hills relatively speaking.

How can I tell of they are road runners? By the things they wear and the way they run. Sometimes it is just ridiculous. Not complaining. An example, the direction clearly said no earphone, yet there were people still listening to whatever they were listening. You only mostly see this behavior with road runners (city people). They must have their music to pump them up. I know don’t judge, because they might have their volume down really low, and they might say they can hear runners coming up behind them. Again I know some trail runners too listen to stuff (but we were taught to only listen with one ear, and leave the other ear free). Any way, I am not complaining…since I can run faster than them and stay far far away. When you throw in hills, I beat the h#* out of them. I am one of the mountain boys. Indeed, too many of them were walking up small hills as if it was a street marathon!

The course m has about 1,000 ft of total gain. Not a whole lot but enough. Of course now I am a master of hills, having done as much as 7,000 ft on some weekends. 1,000 was just the right amount for me to be able to run at a decent pace. It enjoyed the challenge.

The course is a bit longer than 50k. My watch recorded 32 miles. Knowing GPS is not that accurate any way, so 1 mile over 31, is about 3%, I would say the watch is within the expected value.

Here you can also tell who were new to trail marathon. Road runners care a lot of distance and time but trail runners know, in trail race, you never able to get the race to measure to the exact distance. I had race directors calling a 28 miles a 50K. And in Seneca Creek 28 miles is their marathon distance. So for runners coming from road running community, they were shell-shocked.

About those GPS watches, we think they are highly accurate but they are not. The accuracy is depended how many satellites it can acquire at a given moment and how frequently it is polling. The watch usually extrapolate the distance traveled from two points to give the measurement in between, giving the impression the tracking is live. It is not live, silly. The points in between the polling were estimates and on trail marathon, those hills and switch backs will throw the estimations completely off. Also for GPS to work it needs clearing of space, not under trees or rocks. Best to be on top of a hill. Trees and mountains block and interfere with the GPS signal, and most people didn’t know about this. I came across this problem while trying to aquire GPS indoor (also later outdoor). Also, we think GPS can aquire signal being on the move. The best result is when you are standing still and let it finishes it calculation, which can take a while! Surprise, surprise. I know because I have one of those backpacker handheld GPS unit and it was frustrating to use (because I didn’t understand GPS limitations at the time). Yes, finally, it takes a ‘long’ time to get a GPS reading. Most phones cheated here, they use various other means to get your position (like cell tower signal) so it is not solely GPS but our watches often do not get that fancy phone signal. I said too much. I felt superior to other runners when they said their GPS watch gave this and that mileage as if their watch is the authorative source of information. The best way to measure distance is take a measuring wheel and measure the course (which they do for road marathon, to have the course certified).

I set my goal to finish between 3:00 – 3:30 pm (race started at 8). So I gave myself 7 – 7.5 hrs. Reason being is I didn’t want to wear out myself since it was supposed to be a long run to get me ready for the race in June. But I actually pushed myself a bit too hard and was worn out around miles 24. I finished in 6.5 hrs (2:30 pm).

I don’t mind finishing eatlier than expected but in pushing myself, I made a tactical error. Actually was unavoidable. I rolled my left ankle around mile 23/24. I limped a bit then the pain went away and I went back to running. The event might have caused me to sit out for a long while and would have missed other races. So it was very risky. I knew this in the back of my mind. Just don’t get injured, I told myself.

I thought rolling my left foot was serious but after the race, my right foot hurted more than my left. I must have injured it somewhere during the race. It was unexplainable. I must have been so pumped with adrenaline that I was not aware of the injury until couple hours after the race. Somehow the back of my right heel was hurting, and still hurts even today.

Oh, on the trail, there is no mileage sign, all mileage is approximate. So at around 26 mile, I got anxious. I know last couple miles from mile 26 to the finish since I was helping out the race last year and scoped the trail. So as I was running, I said, I should be coming up to an area I recognize. It took a while, finally I started recognizing my surrounding.

The last part of the race was the decision point. This race had a feature that allowed all runners to switch to run a marathon or a 50k at the decision point at mile 27. Those who want to change their mind to do the marathon would take a left and get to the finish area. Those who want to continue doing the 50K would take a right at the decision point and they would run around the lake to get 31 mile.

I took the trail to the right. The path was familiar to me since I walked on the trail last year, scoping out the place. I never thought about running it then. Funny how things worked out. The lake was beautiful. The weather was perfect. I did not take any photo but the sunshine and the lighting made the lake sparkled in a way as if I was in an enchanted place.

No time for that. I got to finish the race. I knew I only had a few miles left. I had various expectations as I ran. I said I must cross a bridge here and there. There were three bridges and the last was unexpected. There was a parking area that I must come across. I must cross a road. Then it would be near the finish area. I came across all those places. The last section felt long after crossing the road. A runner told me, I only have a third of a mile left, and that seemed forever. I was glad to know the distance. Then we came to the last hill. I recognized it. Now I don’t remember if I ran up or walked up, but the finish line was just beyond the hill (hidden from view). Once I climbed the hill, I saw the finish line to my left. I splinted to it. The clock showed 6:30. I was thrilled. I did it under 7 hours with lot of time to spare.

I am a pro at this now. The volunteer recorded my time and took my timing chip. It was one of those you put on your shoes. I spent the race thinking what would be the best way to remove the chip. (cut it). My car was nearby, I went and changed clothes. I could hardly walk at that point. Yup, it seemed only few minutes but time flew. I then went to the bathroom. I have been holding in for the whole race. At mile 26 I was going to use the potty, but someone was in it, so I skipped it. I could also have gone behind a tree, but somehow I did not want to break the momentum of my run, so I held it till crossing the finish. That was a first. 6 1/2 hours of holding it in! Yike!

I went to the finisher area. We have unlimited food and drinks. I limited myself to one drink, since I still had to drive home. I had a good time. I met couple new people. We talked and hang out for couple hours and it was the best race experience ever.

Later, once my body (tempersture) recovered, I went back out to cheer until the last runner crossed the finish line.

For me, this race was not that stressful. I took it as a training run to get me prepare for the one in June. It was trail and I love it. It was not too technical but it had enough hills and distance to make it an ideal training run for the weekend. I did push myself a bit too hard and got injured as the result. Hopefully, I will recover soon from that.

It is interesting thinking how I got into the race. I think the race wouldn’t have been there if not for some random events. I don’t even recall when I signed up for the race. The several people I met, we were like buddies. I truly enjoyed it. The race was low cost, which was the best reason to run it for me. Less than $40 and it was an ultra, where else can you find such races? Of course there are those fat-ass races, but I have not ran those yet. It was a very good experience for me.

Sometimes things just happened to give you the best weekend you would remember for a long time!


off running

Day 209

Since getting back from the trip a week ago, I only ran once and that was about one to two miles during my lunch break.

I really have to give to the two holidays…no wonder people talk about gaining weight and messing up their diet during this season. I did not have as strong a resolve as I did in the past. Xmas and New Year really throw a wrench in my running plan. I was hoping to immediately started back on my running regiment once I get back, but now I have been off it for unimaginable long time (3 weeks).

With the new year tomorrow, I hope to finally get back into it again. Maybe I should start running tonight!


First real run

Day 142 & 152 / Mt Pleasant & Dolly Sods

This post was written back on Day 142. The past weekend Day 152, I had similar experience. I went camping at Roaring plain (Dolly Sods area). I did a run too which allowed me to compare my performance of the same course I ran three weeks back.

I had my first real run with my heart rate above 110 BPM. It stayed near 180-190 the whole way and I didn’t feel like I was having a heart attack. My pace was around 10:15 min mile, much much faster than any of the runs I had in the past three weeks. It was a 4 mile run. Previously the best I could do was 12 min mile.

I am extremely please. I could really rebuild myself and it might be even in time for the 7/26 race. My heart finally let me run as fast as my legs can go. It has been so hard to get my heart to beat faster than 110 the past two weeks. Finally, I felt the shackles were removed from me. I can run.

What changed? I think it is really about food. My friend K was right. I wasn’t eating right and wasn’t eating enough. Over the weekend, she cooked all my food for this week about 12-15 servings of high calories and good hearty food. I ate them for two days now and couple with protein shakes and vitamins supplements and I started to see results. This run has changed drastically.

There are other reasons too. I rested plenty, haven’t been running since a week ago.

I went to church, a reason in itself. I haven’t gone to church for worship since April. I am very much believe in miracle. Going or not going to church affects my running.

This Sunday there was a miracle prayer about dipping oneself in the Jordan river figuratively 7 times to be healed of one’s leprosy (Naman’s account). I wanted to be healed! And I dipped myself when the pastor offered the altar call. I put myself first in line. I felt I was healed and I ran on Sunday’s evening right after worship at the first chance I got.

What it means? This is or was my crises. I have experienced a bad recovery after my first marathon in 2017, my knees gave out on me that time. But I wasn’t as afraid as this time. Every week, my performance got worse and worse until it was clearly something was wrong when I couldn’t run a single step. That was the weirdness feeling I ever felt. I always felt I can always run if not fast run slow, but to be totally not able to run, without a clear sign why other than being out of breath and feeling awful inside was a first for me.

It was a very humbling experience. I couldn’t take it for granted. Now I am almost back at my old self, to run fast and to run as long as I want! I couldn’t feel any better.

What other things been happening? My mind has totally been focusing on my run / not run but I had an good weekend. I might wrote about it in a previous post. I went for a low mileage backpacking trip and that kicked my butt. I was slower than the newbies we brought along.

1. I got to lead for the first time. On Wednesday night I took a newbie in the woods. We arrived late and it was not my choice. My friend K already led her group to camp a few hours before us. It was pitch black and no other people were camping or in the trail head parking lot. I knew the way in because K has told me where the trail was but I still had my doubt. When you are alone (newbie didn’t help), I have to rely on my map and knowledge – it was just one path once you get on it. Still, for that first half hour I had to experience everything I learned from past trips. It was a very good experience, from doubt to confirmation.

2. When we got to camp, I was much relief. K took charge of everything for the rest of the trip. First night we didn’t sleep too well. I shared tent and it was my first and I forgot to pack some earplugs. It would have helped. I was up all night. Not a single z.

3. The next day was pretty normal. It was a low mileage hike (7 miles at most) to the next camp site. We took many breaks. I had a stop to use the privee at one of the AT shelters. That was amazing (for me) because I couldn’t imagine myself digging a hole in the woods and I needed to go. The hike was my limit that day. I found I was sored in areas of my body I didn’t expect. My IT bands were stretched till I felt they would pop at any second. I was huffing and puffing. I was dead last. Every hill was a challenge.

4. The third day was much better. We hung around in the morning watching clouds and sunrise. I had a breakfast on the outcrop. I hiked fast without much breaks out of the mountain and surprised myself to find strengtg.

5. I slept at home the third night but went back out on the fourth day (Saturday) since most of the group was still out camping. I didn’t arrive at the camp early enough so I basically met the rest of them near the trailhead. I got some hiking out of it (couple miles). My friend K was ecstatic to see me. We hiked Crabtree Fall together and had lunch at Harrisonburg.

6. I drove like 7 hours that day, more time spent in the car than in hiking. It was unavoidable. Not much was done for the rest of the day except to unpack and clean up. Once arrived home, I felt asleep early and slept for 11-12 hours, after eating three bowl of Trader Joe’s fried rice.

7. Sunday was another highlighted day. I visited K church. The dipping thing and the Sunday run. I was pretty excited. I time tested myself on the run and felt I was on the road of recovering, finally.


Real story

This life story from theDancingRunner could be a template for me to keep moving ahead in my running journey. I know I am not there yet but hopefully in nine years I can look back and say there where I was and now here I am. It is pretty awesome to read stories like this:


St Michaels and York

Day 122

Finally, attempting my second marathon for the year this Sunday at York, PA. It should be smooth sailing. There is no rain. The temperature is at a comfortable zone , not too hot and not too cold – Spring time weather. There is no rain forecasted. We have overcast. It should be one fast race.

As for training, I took a random person’s (a running friend really) advice of running a long and couple of short weekend runs. I think my training is pretty good. I did not train for speed though. It would be interesting to see what time I will be getting. I am targeting a 5 hour finish (I know this is under-achieve for me) because I still have a few more marathons left in the year and doesn’t want to over doing it… Running at a slower pace also helps me to prepare for the Ultra next month. But if somehow I finish under 4 hours, I won’t complain.

To prepare for the ultra, people were telling me that I have to learn to run when I’m tired. For this reason, I am adding a Half Marathon the day before. I have never done this before. They call this the goofy run (Disney Marathon made it popular, a Half followed by a Full). So, I will be running a Half at St Michaels, MD on Saturday.

This race has stressed me out. It is not because of doing the race itself but the logistics of getting myself to the course. First of all, I signed up on the week of and so the registration price was through the roof. There was a $10 discount for last minute sign up but I didn’t get their promotion email until after signing up. Boo. I guess they want me to recruit others to run.

Second, all the hotels within 50 miles were booked, or mostly booked (prices are beyond what I think is acceptable). I actually booked a hotel but it was on the wrong day (Saturday instead of Friday), not sure why I made such a rookie mistake. When I realized it, I couldn’t rebook it for Friday because the place was sold out. So now I will be doing some camping out on the night before. There is a hotel available…but I didn’t want to stay there.

I don’t mind camping, but it is just the extra logistics of booking a camp site, and don’t know what to expect. Will the other campers be loud? How is the facility? Could I have a good night sleep? There are a lot of uncertainties. Also the camp site is about an hour away, plus the race organization asked us to plan to an extra hour to account for parking and traffic near the race site. I learned all about traffic in a small town in my last race at Frederick. What this means is I will be waking up at 3 AM to prep and travel to the race location. I plan to be there by 5:30. I might as well be sleeping in their parking lot!

There are still a few more stuffs I need to take care of today. I need to plan for my nutrition and fluid (ah, probably just stop by McDonalds on the way). I’m kicking myself for not doing this the night before. There are some McDonalds open at 5 in the morning, except the place I will be running at is a bit remote.

I’m tired even before the race.


Quick post

Day 121

I know my pastor probably doesn’t like to be called a motivational speaker but I felt that what we received last night and I want to write it down before I forget. He didn’t talk about running, but about knowing God. However, kind of off tangent, what I received was about running.

He reminded me to not think about what is possible but to think about the impossible. Only God can do the impossible. True. Yet we are limited to think in term of our ability. He used the example of Peter stepping out into the water. Sometimes we have to keep our eyes on the objective and step out onto the water with nothing to hold on. Logically, we would sink. Faith, is reaching that unknown and faith will support our feet.

Why am I saying this? I have been setting ‘obtainable goal’ – I read about making some hard goals, some medium effort goals, and some easy goals. I sorted my bucket list accordingly. However, there is not really any impossible goal on my list. I haven’t really stretched myself. For example, I set running a Boston Qualifying time as an impossible goal. True, I’m not there yet, and it is impossible right now…But I kind of have a plan of how to reach this impossible goal by running hard, and running long, and be patience and one day, I hope I get a bit closer and maybe even get to touch it.

Another point I got was about having a mental shift in our thinking. It is really related to thinking on the impossibility. Remind ourselves to change our thinking on a daily basis.

The key word is belief/believe. Our beliefs come from our upbringing of what is acceptable and unachievable. We got to break out of this mode. Every day we are bombarded by messages from those around us, and we are affected by their thinking. We have to evaluate what to keep and what to reject. It is an active process. If we become complacent, our old belief system would take over and get us into an auto drive mode. We don’t want that.

Nothing really new here, but it reminded me to be consumed by one thing that I am passionate about and reach and strive toward it. Ask yourself to do big thing. Envision it.

Do I ask the higher power for my running? You bet. I will ask anything if it helps me run faster. I know I have to train my body to run faster too, but I think a lot of training is mental and spiritual as well.


End of the week already

Day 75

I can’t remember much what happened the last few days. I did about four miles run over three days. It was not that much. Monday, did I run? If not I don’t remember why. Probably it was the weather and I stayed in to read/catch up on my manga. I am a recent convert to be a manga fan from anime.