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  • Day467 slow week

    Maybe it is a pattern that after a big race, there is a big let down immediately after. I have been in a slump the last two weeks. My ability to run shouldn’t be a limiting factor, but my life has been hectic and what not. It got so bad that I haven’t run for […]

  • Day460 content

    Expect great things and attempt great things. This is a quote from William Carey, a missionary, I wish to make it my own. I believe all great people have similar bigger than life vision for themselves and what they accomplish seems to us to be on another level. I’m no hero, but I have been […]

  • Day458 big goal / maybe day 3 of the new year?

    This is probably a conclusion to the 3 day series of what I want to do this year. I struggled with motivation in the past and it hits hard especially after running a tough race. The last quarter of 2021, I literally gave up on my training. There were many reasons to why but one […]

  • Day442 races to come

    I can’t wait till the weekend to share! I just signed up for my races for next year and they are… 1. One City Marathon (VA) 2. Grandma’s Marathon, (MN) 3. lastly as of now, Salisbury Marathon (MD) I am most hyped about the One City Marathon because I think I have been waiting for […]

  • Day431 killing time

    I haven’t had much time this week because I have been running as much as I could. The cure for burn out is more running! I was very happy to run till I drop. Not the healthest way to train but it satisfied that craving for more running. I aimed to run at least 100 […]

  • Day427 Smokies

    It was as advertised, Smokies is a paradise for people who like outdoors. I love every moment of it. I first heard of The Smoky Mountains National Park as a kid from the Smoky Bear TV ads. When I was a teen, a friend went there during one summer and he talked about swimming and […]

  • Day421 River scramble

    River Scramble 10k and Bust the Banks 13.1 are Richmond gems of trail running in the city. I did this in 2018 as my first trail racing. It was a lot of fun. Full of adrenaline rushing down hill and power run up hill, rock hoping and scrambling, it was what I imagined trail running […]

  • Day374 Happy Halloween

    Need to prepare for my seneca run with only two more weeks left. This week has not been great with training. 0 mile run. I was really lazy. After work each day, by the time I ate I did not want to head outdoor. Each day was the same. Hope to get some miles in […]

  • Day368 commute

    Hope this will be a short post because I am kind of out of time. I’m on the metro after almost 6 months, where I normally do most of my writing. But today will only be one stop because my work has moved much closer to home. I still rant about the traffic. It took […]