Day387 ride around town

It has been some time since I took the Metro (our subway). Today my car is in the shop so I took the Metro home from work. I’m lucky because the station is across from my workplace and the bus station is also within half a mile from my home, so it is not a problem of not having a car.

Time being on the metro allows me to write my journal. I love it so much I forgot to get off once it reached the destination and I rode it back to my workplace. Dogdangit, I had to made a second trip.

They didn’t let me get on the bus at the front of the bus, instead I had to use the door at the rear. Covid. I made it home before even finishing the blog.

I have nothing to say/tell the world about. I have been slacking on my training the last two weeks after finishing the 50 mile ultra. I have been slacking before the ultra, really. That was an excuse to ‘taper’ off my runs before the ultra. And after the ultra it is called reverse tapering (recovery run). And I really tapered and reverse-tapered by not doing any run. So from end to end, I have not been running much. I know, I wrote about the 48×48 challenge and VDM. Those were exceptions.

Instead I have been watching hours of videos on ytube. It knows me through and through. It keeps pushing me stuffs I really like watching. Yes, I have been following along the Minecraft Dream’s SMP saga – of my favorite streamer Technoblade – Let the Revolution begin. awesome I got to say. It was very entertaining.

Now, I have been watching people play a game called the Amazing Cultivation something something and watching mr. (ic0n) and several other people playing it for hours. It’s really a boring game but I couldn’t help watching them play. It was almost like watching the paint to dry. I’m on episode 4.

I don’t have Steam or a computer, so I can’t play. If I do, I might be on it every night, instead of watching other people play.

Then there was The Simpsons. I have a deprived childhood. Haha. I didn’t have time to watch it when I was little and I just can’t stop myself watching them now. O my.

I watched a lot of League (League of Legends) videos especially, The greatest support of all time GASM mr. i0ki stream. I played like season 2/3 and now it is preseason 11! Even though I don’t play any more, I like watching other people play.

Yup, me getting fatter day by day instead of running. We have very nice weather here for the last couple weeks. Good running weather. 50s. I heard it will be winter this week. It will drop down to the 30s. I might be in for some cold weather running.

Oh I watched some videos running too. Mr. Yang from California. There was also the guy who did the Rocky Raccoon. Another guy, local here, who did the Seneca Run this year. I was there! But I didn’t meet the guy. I love his video. I think his name is running with Zach something. Those got to count toward excercising.

What’s next? I once said after the Stone Mill run is over, I will be focusing on Rocky Raccoon. Now it is time.

There so much I got to do. Need to reserve the campsite and also my air ticket plus, requesting days off work. It is the first week of Feb. I haven’t done any of those. Also possibly two-week quarantine time. Hope there is no quarantine requirement for the arrivals or I be screwed.

This Sat. I will be running probably the last race of 2020. Devil Puppy (Dog) 50K. Am I ready? mentally…um maybe.

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  1. Lol The Simpsons are awesome … my newest arranger is a huge Simpsons fan!!

    And my oldest used to LOVE League of Legends when he was in high school. ❤️


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