Day395 first day of the year

Like last year and the year before, January is a time to sign up races and reorganize my race schedule.

I woke up this morning, finding out couples races have special holiday sales. Grindstone only opens for one or two days before closing the registration until April. I didn’t sign up for Grindstone. I almost did, but did not do it in the end. Grindstone is still out of my league, I think.

I then looked for an easier race. Yeti had today for lottery entry drawing. I was very much tempted to enter. Then later I did not because I was looking for more challenging run.Yeti might be a little too easy.

Rim to River 100 then popped into my Facebook feed. This one seems quite good. I signed up. I don’t know much about the race yet, but couple people I know had done it.

I signed up too for Rock N The Knob. My schedule is cleared that weekend.

The race Highball to Thurmont got shelved. Kind of wanting to do this one. But 2021 is ita inaugural year. I do not want to be jinxed, with Covid and all.

I also shelved Black Beard Revenge 100 at OBX. It sounds very interesting on paper, but the race is close to my other races and it was best to cut it.

Then there were other races already in place.

Marine Corps 50K has me worried. It is too closed to my big run (Rim to River).

CAT50k – I am interested in this race but it has not opened yet for registration.

Blue ridge double marathon would have to wait. I don’t think I have the strength to do it.

What all these races about? By penciling in the important race dates, it helps me to plan for all other things, like vacation and smaller races. Here my current race calendar.

I am always mulling over races to run. So I am very happy when it becomes a reality. Signing up a race is a step forward the goal.

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  1. true…hopefully in 6-9 months, things would improve. We don’t have much restrictions here. Things could be very bad for us in a couple months, but right now, some of us are loving the let live and party now for tomorrow we might die :), yes seems very irresponsible. We are trying to travel around the world too if there any countries willing to take us.


  2. Happy new year Antin! There are no events taking place over here, everything has gone virtual, which is a good alternative

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