I signed up for EC Marathon. I wanted to go somewhere. Somewhere relatively far. This will be for one of the 50 states marathons.

I was deciding among Maine, Tulsa, and EC. Maine was where I wanted to go last year, but was canceled due to Covid19. Tulsa has been a goal since forever, every year, due to schedule conflict, it was deferred. This year EC won out because it comes earlier. Also don’t know about you, for me, when I sign up a race I felt it is calling me there. This year, neither Maine or Tulsa is calling. I considered Lake Front as well, where a lot people were saying its worth considering, but after hours of pouring over the info, I just don’t feel like Lake Front is calling to me. In fact, Lake Front is a big turn off. The course is, ahem, boring. And it has just too much negative news, em, Kenosha. I know it is far away and it was last year news, but still. It seems like a troubled spot. This morning, on NPR, there is a piece on catalytic converter being stolen in Milwaukee. It is just one of many cities that is dealing with this kind of crime, but it just reinforces my stereotype, that I don’t want to be near that area, even just for a weekend.

TLTR, EC marathon is the one I feel comfortable picking.

My Fall schedule will be busy since I signed up the Rim to River 100. I want last big run before the big event. EC Marathon is on 9/26. It will give a month of break before the 100 race.

I figured I need an out of state marathon, otherwise how will I finish my goal of the fifty marathon. Something I learned in running ultras is you have to constant press on, otherwise you won’t finish. I have been doing the 50 states marathon goal, also forever. The first couple years, it was easy, and now, not even halfway, the progress is stalling.

It needs a big push to get it going. At minimal, I should do at least one a year. Ideally for me is 4-5 a year and so over 10 years to finish, but with 1 a year, I will run until I’m into 80/90 yo. Yo. It is a big goal. Not a bad idea, and literally is my dream if I could run till then.

Practically, I am hoping in a few years I would do like 10-12 a year and get this wrap up. A few years ago, this was unimaginable. Today though, it is not a bad idea. I can do a marathon every weekend I think, so running one once a month is not too hard.

Notice how winter turns to spring or spring to summer? In our area, it was literally over night. Changes happened so fast. It kind of late for me to say that but I have been noticing how quicky the trail changes. I run usually on the same trail. Now, it is so green, I can’t even see through the woods. I hoping something like that too with my goals. I’m sitting on them, incubating, and all a sudden, they hatch.

I have other things to say, but for now, I’m a bit hyped over the EC Marathon.

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