Day468 – life goes on

I’m ok. Nothing much to write about.

Briefly, back/leg is still giving me problem. I am improving. Maybe 10% better than last week. Not a huge jump but the pain has lessened to an inconvenience numb. Probably seeing a doctor is the right course of action. The Sunday 10K didn’t aggravate the injury. I could do a bit of hamstring exercises without having an intense pain.

Unrelatedly I updated my site to the next layout wordpress twenty twenty-two (swiss). My WP phone app got updated as well. It looks good. Has a bug or two. One such is the header section of a page is new, and the phone app has no corresponding page to edit the header. I eventually figured where to change it. It is not that easy and it is tucked in some menu. I truly believe in separation of content and page style and templating. They have put the header content in the template section (CSS bit) as I understand it. No biggie. I found the place to change it. Anyway, I hate technology but then again I always like the next gizmo. I got myself to blame for tinkering around.

Life has been ok. A bit busy. Not much time to run. Not that my body is able to. But time is indeed lacking.

I gained weight.

I am going to a training run this weekend. Nothing to brag about. The mileage will be high, around 33 miles. I am in a not so good condition to train, but I will go. We will see how I do.

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