Day478 Memorial weekend

After a big race, my body is recovering well. Unlike other races that usually I would be in a near broken state, I am pretty much recovered after couple days resting. It could be I was not running that hard. It felt like another marathon, I just bounced back after a good night sleep. Maybe I am still young.

I went to Richmond the following week after my big race and participated in an adventure festival. It was a two-day of running, biking, watersport event, plus concerts, shows and many other things like scravenger hunt and city walk. I only did the running thing. I had ton of fun. My body recovered fully for me to enjoy two small runs (a 10k and a half marathon) over the weekend. I still ran hard but I was not as stressed as at MMT. I actually ran the half marathon 2 minutes faster than last year. I did not write a report last year, so I don’t know what effort I put into running it last year. Assuming I would be fresh last year and I ran hard, then I was on par, which is pretty good after just a week from the running a 100 miles. Statistically, it was not significant, but I felt I was on top of the world and crushed the race. I was strong in attacking the hills. I felt my peers were wowing over me as I cruised around the course. Truth, many older men out ran me. I saw a few grandpas there. They were amazing. They out ran many young men like me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pass them.

There are still the Devil Dog and the Iron Montain to sign up. Iron Mountain’s (IMTR) registration is opening on June 1st. Iron Mountain was my last summer masterpiece. Devil Dog opens on July 4th. Devil Dog, we won’t say much until I successful finish this race. It was a PITA (pain in the behinds) race for me last year. This race I am actually feeling more frustrated over than MMT. MMT I accept the result. The course bested me and I knew that going in. I guess it had to do with expectation. I went into the Devil Dog expecting it to be easy as I had done a 50K there the prior year and then it turned out to be hard and the course defeated me, not just defeating me but was a crushing defeat. And I called myself an endurance runner. We are not going go into it. Thinking about Devil Dog each time makes my blood boil.

Now the MMT race is over, I am beginning to look to the fall. I signed up for Claytor Lake (9/11) and Stone Mill (nov) over the weekend. I was debating whether to do these two previously. Originally, I wanted to head to Georgia to do the Battlefield Marathon. Then thinking of the 9-10 hours of driving turned me off. I will stick to local races. Claytor is the 24 hour thing. I decided to be safe and signed up for the 12 hour just like last year. Stone Mill, I ran it twice already. I am going back for the third time. These two races are a lot of fun. They are cheap too. $65 for an ultra? Where do you find such a race except for the MMT and its siblings (VHTR races).

I will have a marathon in three weeks in Deluth. I haven’t given much thought to it. I think I have to do some planning. I have a place to stay in Minneapolis but it was not ideal, so I was trying to figure out something closer to the race location like sleeping in the car. Even campgrounds around are full so no luck there. Imagine 30-50 thousands people descend on this small town, all places are booked. What is the population of Deluth? 100 thousands? 85,000. Exactly, why is this race so famous? I thought I picked an out of no where place to run this and later found out every other runners out there want to show up as well. I am hyped though. It is my third and possibly the last marathon for this year unless I go to Ann Arbor in October. I haven’t signed up for Ann Arbor yet.

As for next year, I already have OBX 100 on the calendar. Officially it is the Black Beard 100, I prefer calling it OBX, because it will be held in Outer Banks, NC. Having done a few ultras this seems to be a low key event.

I also want to try MMT again. I am debating whether to do both. Knowing me, I will likely do both. MMT is not as scary now compares to 6 months ago. OBX might be a totally different beast — its on roads. I am quite sure, I would not want to sit out for MMT for a year until 2024 to redo it, but running two 100 mile races that close is asking for trouble. OBX is in march and MMT is in May. There are people who had done it, though I am not sure I am like them. There is no promise I will recover after the first race. I do not want to risk failing at MMT again. I think I have a few more months to think about. I don’t know when registration for MMT will open, maybe in September or October. One thing I learned in all these years of signing up for races is that once you committed, you don’t change your mind, otherwise your schedule will be in a spaghetti mess. So, OBX is a definite. I won’t drop that. Whether MMT will too is another question.

As for my personal life, my phone just died a few days ago and I am in process of transfering many accounts to the new phone. I hit a snag here and there, especially on the ones which I used an authentication app for 2fa login. Luckily my main email and financial service accounts are all good. A few others though I am stuck because I did not make a back up of many of the keys used by the authentication app on the old phone, so I am currently log out of some services, e.g. twitch. I am trying working with them to have my account restored. Some site unless you backup the 2fa, or you lose access to the account forever. They should have said that in bold when I first enable the 2fa (two factor authentication)! Well maybe it is a good thing, because I spent way too much time and money last two years on twitch! You would think if there’s money to be made, they would make it easy for those who are having issues login in? Nope. They likely lose me as a user forever. There is a movement to subscribe offline and I’m leaning toward that. It is to show support for the artists on their platform yet bypass twitch payment system. I’m saying this because I will be “quiet”. Luckily I have access to WP (wordpress). There won’t be any interuption on here.

Next week I will be volunteering at World’s End so not sure if there will be a post since the internet there is bad. Since now the blog is back to real time, I don’t have much to write about.

Until next time everyone…have a nice holiday for those in the US

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