National Christmas Tree

Our running group made a stop by the White House this past week to take photos of the National Christmas Tree. There were other smaller trees representing 50 states and territories. They are already posted on social media sites (not by me).

Last couple weeks, I also visited other christmas trees in DC. My running friend Caroline joined me on the tree run and caroling night with the DC Tri, but caroling was just a click bait for Caroline because none of us sing Christmas songs.

Those who found my other social media sites already saw some of the pictures. I’m doing better in “consolidating” or managing them. It tried anyway. I started twitter and IG. I restarted my tumbr. WP is still my main though because I like doing longer posts (journaling).

Xmas trees at other places. Canadian Embassy, Capitol and Union Station

It has been a quiet week. I did a recovery run (Naked Nick 50K) in Pennsylvania. Yes, I survived. I’m too tired to write a report. My friend Caroline drove me there. It was one of those first time trip going out of state with someone to run a race. Caroline loved it a lot. To me, somehow it was meh, a run. There were 500+ runners. The highlight of the trip was the ride there. We spent 7 hours in the car, and I ran for 7 hours. The run did what it did. It allowed me to “recover” my body and reset my mind.

I did couple other runs and mostly on a treadmill. Nothing spectacular to write about. Maybe due to laziness, I used treadmill (we call it the dreadmill). After the 100 mile, I did not have much motivation to run. Hopping on the treadmill for 30-40 mins is the most I could do at the moment. It is also cold outside. Treadmill seems to be a better option.

Winter Soltice has past. That means, each day should be longer. Apparently, it is a important festival for chinese. We had a family dinner. It is like Christmas – the focus is to spend time with family/friends.

Some other news during the down cycle and I am excited about, I signed up three races! Two of them I mentioned in the last post. I signed up for Seneca Creek Greenway 50K (March), Shamrock Marathon at Virginia Beach (also in March), and Grindstone 100 (in September). I’ll give my reasons why I decided to run Grindstone in a later post. It is more than because they had a presale, so I jumped in. For now that is a good explanation, but I am excited all these.

Peace on earth and good news to all. Merry Christmas!

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