Day526 Mental health day

I am very Tired…not like when I run a 100 mile physically kind of tired but more like being unmotivated to start this new year!

Last year, I remembered it took me until February to get things rolling. To get my act together!

I asked myself, have I considered taking a month or even couple months off from running. Hmm. The answer is never! Never would I do that. But I think I am starting to experience burn-out. 2021 yep big burn-out time in my 2nd half and it might have affected my 2022 first half. Then I pulled myself together. I don’t know when to stop is the thing. The only time I will take a break is when I fall over dead. Anyway…

I tried to sign up for the WTF 50 (which is this coming weekend), but this time I did not get in. People are too fast! I was only a day late after the registration opened. And it all filled. I could write to the RD and beg. But I know they accepted a limited number of people. I think because the parking lot at the trailhead is quite small. Probably around like 25 spots. But we usually jam three times as many cars.

Anyway…maybe next year then. Why WTF is so special to me? I think because it is hard. It is part of the MMT course, but we are doing it in winter. Either crossing very cold water (the whole trail is on a creek — waterfall) or very icy. Yep it is a suicidal kind of run. I tried to get in for the past 3 years. The first year, I ran by myself, when I didn’t get in. I might still do that, but I know I am too lazy.

I did however get into the first MMT group training run. There will be four of these. I hope to get into all of them. Maybe it is a consolation. Last year, I traded the MMT training run for the WTF and then snow canceled on us. A few managed to go out and skated on the mountain trails. Anyway.

I need a long break. A very long one.

In my last post I said I have two reports to do. I don’t think I will ever get to them. So I will try to do it here as briefly as I could.

First one was Naked Nick. I ran it in middle of December. Two weeks after my 100 miler. It was a 50K. I was surprised I could even manage to finish. I started out slow. Very slow. I kept the pace with couple women who I later found out were my friends or a friend with the friend I rode up to PA with. Small world. I am bad with recognizing faces and I only saw the back side of people for most of the race until I started passing the person who then turned to look at me and called out in surprise, Antin! I thought that was funny. It made me feel bad. She came up from DC to run it too. Yes, it was Yana.

I finished it. I liked it because it was a trail run. It was not challenging at all but of course I could try run it faster next year if I wasn’t doing a big race before it. The friend who drove me there asked if I will do it again. It was her favorite. For me, it was just meh, average. Nothing wrong with the race itself. It was just me being too tired. And the race doesn’t seem to be challenging enough. It was a bit far, about three hours drive and in the middle of winter. Usually I don’t re-do a race! Usually I don’t race in the winter. However, there is less and less new races to do in the area, so I might do it again.

My second run (race) was also a 50K, New Year Redeye Run. I love it and want to do this one year after year. It was our local race by the Happy Trail people. We ran it on January first. It was awesome to see my trail friends. All of them. They were instrumental in helping me get my 100 at the Devil Dog. In fact it was on the same course. Not exact route but the park is only so big, you know, so most of it was overlapping the Devil Dog course.

Note, in the previous post, I said I could run this course blindfolded or something similar with my eyes closed because of the Devil Dog! Because I spent 31 hours out there running the same loop over and over and I was sick of it. I was a bit too prideful. And guess what! I got lost twice doing the Redeye! Almost lost not not exactly lost-lost, but luckily each time, the person behind me called out and got me back on course. Well technically we got lost three times! The 50k was to be done in three loops, the first loop I got off trail with everyone because I was following the mass and the lead missed a turn. (Don’t tell anyone, but no one wanted to backtrack to make the correct turn — this should a DNF for us whole lot, however, no one took it seriously). The second time I did not see the ribbon marker, I think the wind took it, or it wasn’t placed at the turn. Note, a lady Ruth, got lost and could get out till the race closed. She probably was one of the medal contenders but became DNF. The third time, I was just being careless. The turn was marked but I was spacing out. Good thing the guy behind called me to make the turn. Anyway, it was a familiar course and I love the devil dog. It brought back so much memories and emotions on that run.

Both races, were cheap and the Redeye was free! Nothing could beat free. I used them as training runs and did not run my heart out as I would if they were real races. As for satisfaction, it was a bit lower, hence, I was dragging my feet to do formal race reports. I hope this is good enough.

Well back on topic. I don’t know if I will post another entry soon. I want some time to rest. Next post maybe next week or the following.

Some other news, and I am excited about this. I booked my air ticket to Texas this morning. They (American) added a new plane, and the price, I think, was reasonable and it was a direct flight, so I pulled off to the side of the road (I was on my way into work at the time) and booked it. I have been kind of anxious because I kind of forgot about this trip. Now I can relax. That race is just a month away! also a 50k. Ya, Cowtown I am coming.

I have two more trips to plan (Toronto and Outer Banks). I was going do them over Christmas, but holidays — and — I was very unmotivated, so haven’t done them yet. Toronto could hold till maybe March. The trip is in May. I searched for tickets already. There are direct flights and prices were reasonable, except I haven’t booked it yet.

Outer Banks though, I need get this S**T done. It is in March and, other people are fast to get their houses because I will be in conflict with a lot of college students and kids on their spring break! OBX is a too popular a destination. I hate myself for dragging my feet. I know, I don’t need a place myself to sleep because I would be running throughout the night, but I still need get a place for my team/crew. Yes, it is a 100 mile race. 32 hours. Planning scares me. I’ve been praying all these years, send me a manager to do all these logistical stuff. Let me just focus on the running part 😉 But all runners deal with this stuff.

My friend David is going to Austin for his marathon…So jealous (Jelly). I already have a race that weekend or I would join him. I have Holiday Lake instead. I need to remember to go to their training run. I forgot the date. I think possibly next or following werkend. Personally I don’t like to go to that part of Virginia because I can’t use the interstate to get there. It takes forever to get there. Possibly was the reason General Lee chose that place to hide, and ultimately surrendered. It is still hard to get there.

And finally, I am about to finish CRAW. Our group is 100 mile away from the finish line. We ran over 30,000 miles combined. I had done 5000 miles. Maybe a few more days, and we will be done. This is the race around the world. I am proud of my team. CRAW had 6 more bonus regions (like another 15000 miles) to explore Africa and Asia. My group won’t be doing the bonus regions, but I hope to join up with another team to continue.

I need a mental health day.

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