Hike [day547]

(old post, but some might enjoy this).

Last weekend I went to Sky Meadow for a hike with couple of my buddies.

They have been one of the closest buddies since the pandemic.

Over time, you know friendship changes. I can’t remember what my friend circle was like before I started running.

I guess I was involved with church fellowship back then. Once I stopped going to church those circles and friends slowly faded away. It was like running last weekend. I was with a pack at the beginning and slowly everyone drifted away at their own speed.

This current set of friends came to be from my hiking and running activities. We do a 5k race together every year.

One even ran with me last year at the JFK50. I wrote about that.

We were going to meet four months ago. 4 months — how time flies. I am not a very good at doing friend stuff. They forgave me.

However, that day I had a 100 mile race. Like how you can have a 100 mile race and not tell your friends?

When they found out, they felt it was better to postpone our get together, since I would be too tired to do anything after the race. They were right. I couldn’t even drive home that day much less meeting up to hang out. We were going to eat out! I thought a steak dinner would be wonderful after the race. Little did I know, I was knocked out from lack of sleep. Food was the last thing I wanted. Anyway, the event was rescheduled and morphed into a hike this past weekend.

One of them came out to support me at my race and he crewed for me. I wrote about it. It is a cliche to say, I couldn’t have done it without my crew. Indeed, my friend was a tremendous help in getting me across the finish line. I love my crew.

We said we were going to meet. So finally after four months, we (or I) finally got well rested and our schedule worked out. We went to hike at the Sky Meadows State Park. Note, pictures posted in the last entry.

Hiking the at Sky Meadows, possibly on the the AT

The cool thing about this hike is it takes you up to the Appalachian Trail. This runs from Georgia to Maine. For us, we only hiked just a small section, a mile or so.

There was a lot to catch up. We talked of all things. For me, it was soul searching.

I just finished a 100 mile (four months ago) but it was still like yesterday. I was thinking about it and it was the highlight of my last four months.

I did many other races since, and even the day before, I just ran a 50k before the hike. It was still fresh on my mind. You know all the races just lump together in my head. I will run another 100 mile soon in a week or so. And I am asking myself, why am I doing this.

I wrote about this a few times. I know I did it because I enjoy it.

I wanted challenges. Six years ago, when I first started running, I thought 50 mile race was so cool and near impossible for me at the time, but of course now it is not so hard any more.

I could do more 100 mile races. In fact, it is in the work, I might try to run a 100 mile in every state. This is up-ing the ante of running a marathon in every states. I only have 12 marathons done.

My friend suggested I should do some traveling. Indeed, that has crossed my mind. I mentioned the Gobi desert, or Atacama desert race on here.

I don’t know. I would like to do something exotic. In the end what is my goal and who am I try to impress.

I never wanted to say wow look at me. I do want to feel impress by the races done and places I have been.

Don’t know. I don’t have an answer. Two entries ago, I did a 10 miler. I was very impressed by the race. This week, I ran a 50k and I was filled to brim with excitement. It was worth the run.

Conclusion: There isn’t any. Life is maddening crazy as I try to look into a crystal ball trying to find out what should I do next.

Today (March 14), also Barkley Marathon started this morning. It is a crazy race. I won’t likely ever be able to do it. I would still do it if I have a chance. I run and do all the things I have the opportunity to do.

In life, I hope to do some crazy things. Yes, this coming weekend I will definitely doing some crazy stuff. I have a 35 mile training run, plus the next day, I have a marathon. More to come. I will stop for now.

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