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  • Day480 WEU

    TL;DR – weekend trip to a running event There’s a saying you can’t step into the same river twice. This becomes more likely as I repeat many of my past races or events. My weekend at the Worlds End Ultra (WEU) was my attempt this year to step into the same river twice (2021) and […]

  • Day428 retrospect

    I rarely ever was under-prepared for a race. Over prepared for one is just as shocking and my first for this Catoctin 50K. For some reason, when I signed up to run the Catoctin 50K, I signed up to only running half the distance. In the back of my mind I always thought I was […]

  • LH3 / LH4 plan

    Day 247 Not even sure if there will be a race but the Laurel #3 over night trip is definitely canceled. I got words that Pennsylvania state parks no longer allow camping for the duration. I might still go now my race schedule for April and May has pretty much free up. I might go […]

  • Laurel #2 – planning

    day 242 Weekend plan With last week reports out of the way, I am ready for tomorrow. Again apologize for bombarding so many long posts. I am training for the Laurel Highlands Ultra in PA taking place in June. My training plan has been weekend runs locally and test/training runs on location. This coming weekend […]

  • Run report

    Day 228 Last week was low mileage for me with a total about 9 miles. Lowest so far after having 50+ for last three consecutive weeks, but I figure I needed the low mileage rest. As usual, Monday was a rest day. After three weeks of running, I was grateful for Monday Tuesday: 4. Easy […]

  • Labor Day Weekend

    Day 165 / Roan Trip Instead of running 50 miles last week I hiked/backpacked 50 miles on Roan Highlands. It was the longest backpacking trip I did, totalling 4 days. I started on Thursday after work. My friend and I drove 7 hours down to Tennessee. We did not quite get there. We ended up […]

  • Filler post

    Day 149 Sometimes in TV shows or especially in long anime series, they would put in fillers because the writer needs some time off. I hope this is not a filler but I don’t really have anything in particular I want to write about. Maybe it is a filler. I just finished my last dose […]

  • VA Beach

    Day 148 / False Cape It was a long weekend. I took Friday off to drive down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. The three and half hours drive became close to six hours because of the traffic. The place was farther than I remembered. I was there six months ago for a marathon (First […]

  • Duncan Knob

    Day 80 I’m back from the weekend camping trip. It was a short stay. I got a little better at packing. The weather was warm, relatively speaking. It was a little bit above freezing through the trip and was quite comfortable.  There were three of us. I had my fun. We arrived a little late, […]

  • Preparation

    Day 79 Morning going to work. Checking the weather for this weekend. We have little over full moon and few degrees above freezing temperature. Wind is at 5 mph. It may rain both Friday and Saturday, but I am going camping!