Day428 retrospect

I rarely ever was under-prepared for a race. Over prepared for one is just as shocking and my first for this Catoctin 50K.

For some reason, when I signed up to run the Catoctin 50K, I signed up to only running half the distance. In the back of my mind I always thought I was doing the whole thing. I trained for it and had that respect for the course that this race would require a lot of me. Maybe that was the reason that this year would be just a scouting run and next year would be the real deal.

It was not until at bib pickup when they couldn’t find my bib in the 50K group that I went back to check the signup confirmation email that I realized I had made a booboo.

Still I did not mind running just the 25K. It was only that I was overly anxious preparing something for weeks that did not happen.

I would have to wait another year to run the true Catoctin 50K.

Another thing that did not reach my expectation was immediately after the Catoctin 50K, I was to go to Pennsylvania to do an endurance event (at Camp Anderson). I signed up to run the 3 hr event, but you could really run as far and as long as you would want. The event started on Friday and would last till Sunday. The official event was only for Saturday morning till evenning though (6 am to 6 pm). I was hoping to catch the tail end of it.

I got to Camp Anderson (very late) after they closed. Needless to say, the event was over and no more running. I knew the course and could do it on my own if I wanted to. Many had left or on the verge of leaving. By night fall there were just four groups of us at this 100 acre land (maybe 10 of us in total). It was a bit lonely. The race director and his people had left too. I was in no mood to run my 3 hour endurance event that night on my own (by myself). I set up camp and deferred my run till the next morning. I woke up in a rain shower, which dampened my mood even more. Who want to run in wet and cold and on a muddy trail? I was not wet but the trail was wet and it could rain again. So I packed my tent and went home. The sun came out and brightened the day an hour later but I was already far away and was in no mood to turn around. Really was in no mood to run, or else no matter how far I would travel to run.

It was not the race organization’s fault there was no one left at the camp. It was wholely mine to arrive there late. I could have gotten there earlier even after my 25K run if I wanted to and I could have run my 3 hour event too that night. You know, my motivation was no longer there.

Why am I writing this? I felt like the weekend was a deja vue some sort though I am sure this was the first time it hapened. I felt it happened before or somehow I anticipated it. It was just a strange feeling.

Gains. I did my 25K run (even though I did it like a 50K). I had a good time and was able finished it way earlier than I orginally planned. The run was not an issue for me. I trained on the trail. I did get lost maybe for 5 minutes, that was nothing to write about.

I caught up with some friends like Ben and Carl at the race and made new ones like Scotty and Kendra. Even Camp Anderson which was a dud to me, I met Ferrari. He has similar aspiration as me to run in all 50 states. He finished 38 of them but he has an adversion to flying, so the remaining states are some what hard to get to for him. I only completed seven states so far. It was like looking at a legend as he recounted his experiences. He was the guy they were wispering that he cramped up and now passed out in his tent and that the race director should check in on him. So cool to have met him. He was one of the few who stayed for the night.

Why was it called a trip? I planned the weekend like it was one big trip. The first race was not far from me (only a little over an hour), but I stayed at a hotel anyway thinking I would have to get well rest before the long day. Saturday I did go camping at Camp Anderson, that was kind of far (three- hour drive) and was only back on Sunday. So in reality, I had to pack for the first 50K, a camping trip, and possibly another 50K run (was going to run it both on Saturday and Sunday at camp Anderson), plus a hotel stay. It had been go go go mentality.

It was some sort of cosmic comedy being played out – a strange twist of fate for my weekend. Things happened for a reason, only maybe one day I will know why. Be thankful that is all I got to say.

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  1. thanks for reading! hehe I gave up trying to find meaning. I don’t take credit for able to do the runs I did, knowing someday I won’t be able to do what I am doing


  2. It will be interesting to see what Life was trying to teach you with this.

    I’m amazed at your goal! I’m currently so disabled by bad knees that walking 2 blocks is a major achievement!

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