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  • Day465 and so it begins

    Nothing much happened for me last week. I might as well take the week off for a mental health break. And I did, from running that is. I blame the booster shot. It made me super tired and unmotivated. I was better though by the end of the week but I did not run. Running […]

  • Day463 burning the midnight oil & BRR TR2

    This week was unproductive. There was a bit on my plate and I was worried over stuff at work. A few years ago, I wouldn’t believe I would have panic attacks because I was usually carefree happy go lucky. But now many little things would bother me and it is hard to focus at times […]

  • Day462 up ahead – some decisions

    I was debating at the beginning of the week if I should sign up for some local races. The answer should have been a “quick, sign me up!” I don’t know any more. I am not what I once was. I am less incline to rush into a race even if it is free. By […]

  • Day461 for the joy

    After couple weeks of running in bad weather and super cold temperature, for once we are back to decent running condition (today was 6 C when I went for my run). I think spring is near! I realized, I like running when it is super cold. Somehow it helped knowing it is super cold and […]

  • Day457 New year Day 2

    New Year Resolutions / What I want for Christmas Time goes by so fast. Couple months ago, I was training life-and-death for my biggest race at the time. I was in a rock and a hard place…due to many things coming together at the same time. Of course, I could just walk away and not […]

  • Day456 A new year

    A new year is a new beginning. Yes Day 1. I will eventually reset my blog to Day 1 maybe some day. Actually to those who didn’t know I have done so like 5 or 6 times already — not for this blog here but on 5-6 previous journals usually after about 500 ish days, […]

  • Day454 WTF stop cussing

    Finally after all the training and races, I did not run much since. I guess it was a well needed rest for my mind and body. I went into running as a recreation to get away from the stress at work, but running had taken over my life and itself became a stressor. Kind a […]

  • Day452 Retirement/Investment

    I went down this rabbit hole before. How much do I need to save now to retire some day? Which requires me to ask how much do I need in the future. This is probably my second blog post on this topic (retirement and minimal spending). What I suggested before was am extreme look but […]

  • Day450 R-21.11 review

    It’s day 450, by design I have to be introspective. Last review Day400, was at the beginning of the year. I already wrote all I did couple weeks (hello4) ago of all the cool races I ran this year, so I won’t repeat. Two 100 mile races, Rocky Raccoon and Rim to River, bookended the […]

  • Day447 Halloween

    I run because I like it. A more complex answer as to why has to do with the solace and peace I found when I run. There are other reasons too. Originally I had another post on the topic but it was difficult to finish, and in the end I decided to scratch it and […]