Hike report – Buckhollow and Sam’s Hill

My friend called it Heaven’s Hill because after a long climb you arrive at the top and is greeted with a vista and you feel you are in heaven.  

I did a 18 ish mile hike yesterday in the Shanadoah near the north entrance starting at Buckhollow to Something Mountain Trail, Catlett Spur and Sam’s Hill, looping back using Hazel River to White Rock, and back at Buckhollow. Might have been 15 because I did not go up to Mary’s Rock. 

I didn’t track the mileage except that it was over 10 miles. My friend said it is around 18. Back and forth on the BuckHollow is around 6 miles. I think the Sam’s Hill loop is about 9. I did add up the mileage at one point when I had to figure the time if I would be out of the wood by night fall and it was like 9 or 10 miles to go. I finished by 5 pm when it started to get dark.

I ran out time because I started late and arrived at the trailhead at 10:15. It was a late start because I was looking all over the place for my stuffs. Yes I have to be more efficient and know where everything is. Only things you really need on the trail is a shoes and water. Seemed basic. Yesterday was quite warm. I didn’t even brought my fleece jacket. I think I was looking for my hiking lightweight pants. I thought I washed them and put them away. I did found them. Water. Gosh. Found my hydration pack. And then gathering food. And just running back and forth between the car and house to get each and every thing. I made it to the trailhead in the end. 

It was funny, I was following another truck for a long time and it finally stopped at the trail too. I quickly gathered my thing and hopped onto the trail. The guy driving the truck looked at me funny probably why I was following him.

Crossing the first stream. Buck Hollow has a stream crossing near the the trail .02 mile in. I remeber my first time crossing this, I fell and laid on the rock. This time, the stream is bit swollen from recent rain. There is no way for me to lay on the rock and I was debating how to cross. In the end couple youth/college kids helped me. I jumped and they extended their hands to catch me.

There would be a lot of stream crossing on the Hazel River trail. It was snaking back and forth both banks of Hazel River. I sucked it up this time to take off my shoes and waded in the cold water. It was cold. The temperature was maybe 35-40 F, ice cold, So cold that it hurt. I was screaming… Ouchy ouchy as I crossed it.

Luckily not all river crossing was that bad. A couple of places, I could use a tree truck and shinny across. 

It was a good day. There was a muddy trail (Catlett Spur). I forgot to wear my mud guard. I ended with muddy boots and pants. My pants also splitted, maybe for doing too much on my butt during river crossings.

Here I use the tree trunk instead of hopscrotch over wet rocks. This is my second time hiking by myself, so it well deserve a hike report. 

Day 51 end.

Rocks and fallen tree, I chose the tree. First of many crossings
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