Tag: 2021

  • Day451 Stone Mill 50 (second time)

    The race came the week after the Rim to River 100 mile. Initially, I was not going to run it since it was too close to the big race, but after finish the 100 mile, I felt why not, I feel fine, let try it. I was not running for time and in most ultras […]

  • Day450 R-21.11 review

    It’s day 450, by design I have to be introspective. Last review Day400, was at the beginning of the year. I already wrote all I did couple weeks (hello4) ago of all the cool races I ran this year, so I won’t repeat. Two 100 mile races, Rocky Raccoon and Rim to River, bookended the […]

  • Day372 – race schedule

    Keeping with tradition, here are some races planned for next year. Most of them will be either a redo / or races that were deferred from this year. For the rest of this year, there are possible one or two races left. Some are fatass races or virtual races. I orginally signed up for Richmond […]