Day448 Run schedule

2022 Edition. Part of the tradition is around this time of year, I will reveal my next year race scehdule. couple weeks (Day442) ago, I already hinted/ let it known a few races I already signed up.

3 marathons I signed up were, the Newport News One City, Grandma’s in Minnesota, and Salisbury in Maryland.

My goal as always is to chip away my 50-states goal. Grandma is the target for that And I might likely go down to Atlanta to run theirs. One City and Salisbury are states I already did. They are just races I want to run.

I also, signed up for a 100 miler – Massanutten. It is the big boy race. It will be one that challenges me at the next level. What I mean is I will be running like never before! 2021 was a pop off year, and 2022, definitely the real deal in running if I get Massunutten down.

Other than these, there will be some repeats of 2021 and some volunteering. Some races are not determined yet. Catoctin, Iron Mountain, Rock n the Knob, definitely I want to rerun those. Rim Tahoe, is a new race and is a maybe. It has a lottery and requires traveling. Lake Ridge too is another repeat, I would like to do it on a weekend like I did this year.

Some were deferred races from 2020, such as the Marine Corps, Rock -n- Roll, and the Richmond Marathon. I also want to run the Philadelphia Rocky Fatass, Philadelphia trail marathon and the Devil Dog 100. All these were kind a deferred race from 2020.

By the way, I am kind of on the fence too on Laurel Highlands – a race I ran this year, but I want to run it one more time.

By the way, the live schedule is on the site, and it changes from time to time.

I also as with thousands other runners tossed our names in the lottery for Western States – one of the most coveted races for ultra marathoners. My chance of getting in is like 1:20000. One can only dream that I will make it on first try.

I do plan out my races a year in advance. Kind a. All in all, my races are not much a surprise. My goal (A) Race is probably the Grandma’s Marathon and maybe Massanutten.


Marathon Goal: MN

(Dec/Jan) (doubtful) Holaday Lake?, VA

(Mar. 5-6) (reg’dOne City Marathon, Newport News, Va (race is on Sunday). Check back in Sept.

(March 26?) (likely) DC Rock n Roll Half. reg is open

(April 2) (Reg’dSalisbury Marathon, MD, sign up is open ($85)

(May 14) (reg’d) MMT 100. Definitely

(Jun 4) (volunteering) 1st Weekend. 100k. Worlds End, PA. Should consider running it. very difficult. might defer to 2023

(June 11) (not likely running/maybe crewingvolunteer?Laurel Highlands

June 18, 2022: (reg’dGrandma’s Marathon, MN. travel required

Jul 9. (likely) Catoctin 50k. Real deal this year. reg open Jan 1.

Jul 16-17. (considering) (HypedTahoe Rim Trail (TRTer) 100/50. reg lottery open is in Dec 5. Drawing Jan 1, Stroke to sign up. race is on Sat. 8 hr trail work req for 100Mi. Travel.

(Sep 5) (considering/likelyIron Mnt Ultra 50 – IMTR, labor day weekend. Don’t miss reg Jun 1.

(Sep 12(considering/probably) (Claytor Lake) Lake Ridge Endurance Run – 24 hr? defending my title 😉

(Sep 25) (considering/but not likelyPemberton 24x5K, Friday 7:00 pm – Sat 7:00pm. Reg open on April 28. only if i get in.

(Oct 25) (reg’d/but need confirm, deferred from 2020 & 2021) MCM 50K, again! 6 hr is course limit. Need to re-reg in April.

(Nov 13, 2022) (reg’d/but need confirm, deferred from 2020 and 2021) Richmond Marathon. ahhh, going to be intense

(Dec 4): (not likelyRocky 50 PA Fatass. Always been considering, 1st of Dec

(Dec 4) (Considering the 100M) Devil Dog 100K/100MI, Triangle, VA. As such this or Yetti. The full monty (race reg opens on July 4)


Marathon Goals: ME, GA

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