Day303 LH#4

I decided to go to PA this weekend. Staying at a campsite tonight. Normally, I go into the woods and camp to my heart content, but my mom is with me. She can’t do the wilderness survival stuff I do, so we are staying at a more civilized campsite, where we have bathroom and we… Continue reading Day303 LH#4

Near miss

Day 153 If I don’t write about this, I won’t be able to move on. Over the weekend I and several others headed to West Virginia Roaring Plain which is southern part of Dolly Sods Area. The trip was a one night camping and the next day a 15 miles hike. We camped at the… Continue reading Near miss


I camped at home the past weekend. Instead of going to West Virginia, I decided to camp on the deck. I did this I think last year, when I was totally