Day303 LH#4

I decided to go to PA this weekend. Staying at a campsite tonight. Normally, I go into the woods and camp to my heart content, but my mom is with me. She can’t do the wilderness survival stuff I do, so we are staying at a more civilized campsite, where we have bathroom and we are three feet away from the car.

One benefit is we have unlimited amount of food. I don’t have ration out my portion. A store or bakery is only several miles away. There is probably no bear.

Tomorrow I will do some running on the Laurel Highlands Trail. I have done it before at this section. Twice at least. LH1 and LH2.

I hope to meet up with couple other people to run together. We are just doing a short run. No one will be doing the whole thing (,70 miles).

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  1. […] Laurel#4 trip was kind of cool, and I forgot all about it. It opened my eyes, that all the running for GVRAT and in the spring I did, had not prepared me for Laurel (Laurel Highland Ultra). It was a good thing, the race got deferred/postponed (first to September, later on to next year). I was going to run 70.5 miles that day (June 18?), but only was able to pull 8 miles, (gate to 8) and back, and it was one of exhausting runs I did. I was dying on that run. The worse thing about that day was I rolled my ankle a few times (and it had not healed even when August came). […]


  2. I have only always camped in the woods 🏕 … but beach camping sounds amazing!!! I want to try that!! ⛺️🏝

    We always just did the woods, I didn’t even think to do it on the beach 😮

    You must have to have special beaches that allow that? I don’t know if they gonna let me just pitch a tent at the beach lol

    I have a new thing to try!! Eventually lol – that’s awesome

    Totally love your mom! 😄✌️


  3. Many years ago, I was reluctant to go camping but I went with her any way…it was not my thing back then. Now it is the other way. She likes beach camping, but I like to be in the woods 🙂

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  4. Hahaha!!! I really like your mom 😄😄…

    I could totally probably do survival camping – maybe … I have had to survive through many things, and I have prepared for my survival through this years power shut offs due to wildfires … so I “softly” consider myself a survivalist lol…

    But that’s sounds perfect to me, right by the car, have a bathroom… yeah I’m with her 😄✌️ … I would bring my portable shower too lol

    Maybe it’s a mom thing? Lol … we already survived things – don’t need to do it on purpose lol

    She sounds adorable! Just like me lol … my son would do that for me too.

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