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    Day 229 –I filed my taxes today! My office manager helped me. I can do it myself and I used to do it myself but for last six years, it was my manager who helped me. One less headache. –It is safer to hike/backpack with a friend. That was a big idea I had while […]

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    Day 127 Special Edition (Two posts in one) Maybe because of the last weekend trip and I over extended myself, I am a bit under the weather. Physically it shouldn’t be that taxing since it was pretty much low mileage trip. 13-18 miles per day. We were on the trail about 6-7 hours each day […]


    https://wp.me/p7sSpk-25v Trying this reblog thingy. I like the sense of optimism for 2019.  Question though, why 2018 isn’t like this? End Day 49