Day 70

I have been staying indoor for most part because the cold just stings. You could layer up and cover yourself but cold is cold. There are people running still. Not me. At least for most part.  Probably just an excuse for me though. I know I can run in the cold.

I stepped out a couple times but headed back inside. 

I did a 3 mile run last night with my club leader. The rest just bailed and I wouldn’t blame them. But we did it. I wore my usual get up a tee underneath a long sleeves. But my ears and extermities were cold. I later put on ear muffs and gloves to avoid possible frostbite. People die in this cold. I afraid I might die too on the way so I packed a jacket and fleece in my backpack and for good measure tossed in the ice spikes. I ran with my bookbag. I didn’t have to use them. That was that. I knew I had to do the run and wanted the extra weight. An army dude told me he would lent me his weight jacket if I ever need them. My bookbag is the poorman version of that.

My thoughts through out the evening were why am I doing this. Not that I was doubting myself or was I wavering in my commitment. I know the reason deep in my bones.

It is a secret. I didn’t want my marathon debut to be a one off event. Luckily over the last two years I did six already. 

People know that I am always training. Each race leads to an even bigger race. I wrote before my goal eventually will take me to run a marathon in all fifty states. 

 I also set sight now on doing an ultra, at least try a 100 miler ultra. However, these are all secondary goals. Really. I am for real.

The number one reason I am still training is because I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I want to do it with the woman of my dream. We, well I at least wanted to do it by 2020. Looking at it now it is impossible but it was a good dream. Well I can still try to qualify it this year :).  I thought three years were plenty of time to train up for Boston. Little did I know the three years, I haven’t bulged at all in my time. I am still slow as ever.

My love for doing marathons usually brought up in conversations. They teased me that I must be having an affair or which woman has totally taking over my life because running is taking over my life. It is my life.

 They are closer to the truth.  I ran to impress a woman.  They would laugh. They said you don’t want those kind of ladies (for the reason the fast runners are too skinny). It is just like if I say to them I brought a F150 pickup truck to pick up ladies. They told me you don’t want those kind of women (I sold my truck now). They said, I should go live in Texas to pick up cowgirls.

I do run for a feeling. I remember my first race with my girlfriend. It was surreal. No one ever able to keep up with me but this lady not only could keep up with me, she out ran me. Later I found out she competed in her school or university and she was fast. Running though wasn’t her event. When I run, it always brought me back to that first run! Same as hiking. I hike for that feeling of other worldliness and surreal out of body experience. I might be exaggerated a bit, but that feeling is why I run and why I can run/hike forever after I go into a trance.

Oh, how this related to cold? Cold just brings me into that state faster!!! The death state 🙂


Some of us had a day off yesterday in the US for Martin Luther King’s Day. I did. So I had no excuse but to run on my day off. I did two 6 miles run by spitting my 12 miles run into two segments. Yesterday was even colder than Monday. I ran in the morning when I got up and again at dinner time when the sun was setting. The morning run was harder. I guess I am not a morning person. I think I completed it in two hours. It was cold. My eyelids were almost frozen shut. The evening run was much better. I did it in half the time. Apparently I didn’t get tired. Maybe I had warm up and had plenty of food in me. I was in my good old self – the one I like. I didn’t run fast but I felt so much strength and energy in me. I stopped about half mile short from my end point though because my hip, left side this time, didn’t feel quite right.

As I ran, I reflected how lucky I was that my body healed up. I didn’t even remember which of my ankle was weaker (left I think). Both were pretty strong. I had a problem with my right hip a month ago and now the problem was gone. But I guess I jinxed it. My left hip now felt kind of weird, almost like what my right hip was a month ago. It felt like it wants to fall off. So I cancelled my run toward the end. I woke up today and the discomfort was still there. It won’t prevent me from running tonight, but I wish it wouldn’t cause me problem.

Temperature was -12C this morning. I was glad I overslept and didn’t run. This evening will be warmer. It will climb back to 35 ish and tomorrow 50 (F). Sorry about the unit of switching between C and F, when it is below freezing I like to use centigrade so the number would be too scary (like yesterday I was told wind chill was 0 F, and that is scary, I prefer to think of it was only -8C).

Day 66