Winter finally comes for us here in the nation capital. Can you imagine on New Year Day we were in shorts and T-shirt? Even couple days ago the high was in the 60 s, that is around 15C. We could basically run as if were in the summer. ;

Today is cold. At least for us, haha, probably not to some of my readers who have much colder weather than us. 

I ran. It felt great. Did 4 miles. We ran from Dupont to Georgetown University and back. It was one of the few times I ran this route. We were going to do the Georgetown Waterfront but with wind picking up 25 km/hr (12-13mph), we decided it wasn’t a good idea to have wind from the Potomac River blowing on us. At least running in the city, we had buildings on both sides kind of blocking the wind.

Yup, I wouldn’t have gone out by myself in this kind of weather. It was not bad bad, thinking about it but it is a sudden change in temperature that made it feels unbearable.

They are forecasting snow this weekend 7-10 cm (3-4 inches). Weather here is never accurate. I think we will have some flurry.  I am looking forward to the snow. I really want a lot of them. I haven’t decided what to do. If I stay put, I will probably out there doing my long run (should be attempting 10-15 miles). 

Also thinking of heading up to the mountain, but then my family and friends would be freeking out. With the government shutdown, it means, there is reduced to no ranger patrolling and I will be basically on my own if I get stuck in the storm. The national park is probably closed because of the weather if not because of funding. They say people like me are causing trouble for everyone. 🙂 I guess I shouldn’t announce this to the world!

Day 58

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