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  • Friday almost random thoughts

    Day 243 I learned a bit more about the coronavirus , COVID-19, yesterday as the situation changed in our community. Last weekend was the first known case in our area. As expected, with each day, more and more cases are being identified. My response has been like the rest both with fear and also blowing […]

  • Long run

    Day 161 I did it! I ran my long run on Friday. My long run was supposed to be tomorrow but there are just too much going on during the weekend and the risk was high I might not be able to pull off a long run at all. Long run is usually my hardest […]

  • Second day

    Day 155 If the first day of training was hard, the second day was tossing in the towel. It was Hot. I didn’t feel like running. But Run I must otherwise how will I run when November comes when it is icy and cold and the course is hard? I just need to get into […]

  • Blossoms

    Cherry blossoms are blooming and the horde of people descend to the Tidal Basin to film and take photo of it. I went with couple of my office mates. It is a preview of the famous Cherry Blossom Race this Sunday. I will be running the full 10 miler. Day 104

  • Run

    Nothing special but I did run a few miles last night, probably 10. Was aiming for 12. I might have hit it. I stopped using my Garmin to track mileage nowaday. My training now shifted to time run instead of distances.