Nothing special but I did run a few miles last night, probably 10. Was aiming for 12. I might have hit it. I stopped using my Garmin to track mileage nowaday. My training now shifted to time run instead of distances.

The city was almost empty yesterday. I did came across a few runners out there. There were a few larger groups, club run. It was good seeing them. Tourists are mostly gone in the middle of winter. Almost no one was on the National Mall except a bus here and there and security cops. 

I was running on ice. I walked when it became too dangerous, but a few people ran. I should have worn my micro spikes on my shoes. It was slippery. I put in maybe two hours before I felt exhausted. No kidding, running on ice was quite a  workout. I decided that being tired was no condition to dance on ice any more. I decided to head back in before I really fall and hurt myself. I did slipped a few times.

My route was the usual one I did all last fall. I went to Lincoln, then headed to the Capitol and looped back to Lincoln. I bailed halfway though and turned on 17th to head to Dupont. I was pretty much done on the stretch of 17th St and  Dupont was my finishing point.

I overdressed. Doubled up on the long sleeves and pants. I wore a windbreaker on the outside for extra protection. I ditched it after the first mile and halfway through I took off my outter long sleeves. Ran until temperature dropped below freezing (-3/4C) and put it back on. I didn’t have to use my windbreaker for the rest of the night. There was very little wind. For shoes, wore an old pair of ON cloud. This pair has seen through a lot, but it was one of the cleanest pairs I have. I was mad at myself for stepping on a puddle of icy water, I thought was sand/ice, but my foot felt through…I was trying to walk on water. It was almost toward the end of my run. Shoes ruined. Now I think every pair that I have, had been through a baptism. I didn’t expect water on a snow/ice day.

That’s that. Hopefully more runs to come.

Day 62

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  1. It is not bad once I got outside. Hope the groove will stick

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  2. Well done! You are getting your running groove back??


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