Day402 dream

I dreamed last night with many loud noises. I was not in a thunderstorm but it sounded like I was. There were a lot of loud rumbling. Very loud sounds. I was on the verge of waking up but I was not yet there. I wanted to make sense of the sounds hoping to see… Continue reading Day402 dream

Day281 Dream

As I pondered on my mission statement, someone asked me what I think is missing in my life? This can be answered in many ways. It is hard to answer – I wish it is simple as a concrete ordered list of items. Deep down, I don’t really know the answer. There are people who… Continue reading Day281 Dream

day269 dream

This has happened to me several times before, all recently within the last couple months, well maybe six months, three or four times. I woke up, between sleep and wake stage actually. My eyes were still closed but I felt I was awake and conscious. I was pretty sure or I thought I was back… Continue reading day269 dream

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