Day402 dream

I dreamed last night with many loud noises. I was not in a thunderstorm but it sounded like I was. There were a lot of loud rumbling. Very loud sounds. I was on the verge of waking up but I was not yet there. I wanted to make sense of the sounds hoping to see some pattern in them and wanted to sleep more.

I did see a lot of blinding flashes but they were not lightning. There were no shape or pattern, just white flashes filled my vision. It was not all dark, but I couldn’t see anything. After a while, everything was quiet and very dark and I woke up.

Does it correlate to what I was doing during the day? I listened to a lot of music channels on twitch last couple weeks and it might have been sensory overloaded.

Trip: Yup weird dream. Unrelated, but it affected me deeply that the trip to Texas might have be scraped and it might be what prompted the dream. I need a covid test within 3 days before boarding the plane. I would need another test before flying back. I will get tested, but it is another added uncertainty in my travel plan – like what if I got stuck in Texas for couple weeks? What would I do? I don’t mind not being able to fly out but not able to come back is another thing. Anyone in the Houston area able to take me in for couple weeks if I get stuck?

Or plan B drive 22+ hours down there and back? Anyone up for a long drive? Plan C is don’t go.

correction: testing is only required for international travelers, so I will be fine for going to Houston. It is still recommended to be tested before boarding the plane though for everyone safety

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